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The Lifeguard by Deborah Blumenthal
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Apr 22, 2012

really liked it

The Lifeguard by Deborah Blumenthal
ISBN: 9781453247334
This book first appealed to me because of the water scene and then the words Rhode Island in the summary of the book. I am from there and wanted to read this to find out
if I knew of any place they spoke of. Love the water and the shells so this is a familiar scene to me.
The prologue starts out with her standing in the water, on the edge and the undertow making her fall, she can't get a hold of her footing, it's like quicksand and she ends up away from the shore where no one is paying attention to her yells of help.
Sirena arrives in Rhode Island to spend the summer with her aunt. Her parents are working out the details of a divorce and they thought the best place was for her to get out of the middle of it.
She lives on a beach and goes daily, sketching on her towel. She has some interest in the lifeguard as he is so cute.
Her aunt Ellie is a writer and likes to write about ghosts.
They talk about the female ghost and Sirena learns the story of the ghost.
She volunteers at the hospital and first day there's a little boy that comes in and it scares her. She also sees a teenage girl jump on the back of the lifeguards motorcycle. She follows the boys progress over the next few weeks.
She also meets an 80 yo man, Antonio who has his own gallery and she explores, and works side by side with the artist, and confesses the theft.
She remains grounded with letters from her friend Marissa who is stuck at camp all summer.
Love learning about healing powers of plants, stingray bites, very fascinating.
What happens next is the whole story, what one perceives what happens and what really happens is all divulged and why.

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