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Circle of Fire by Michelle Zink
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Apr 22, 2012

it was amazing
Read from April 22 to 23, 2012

I've been waiting to read Circle of Fire ever since I finished the last two books in the series (Prophecy of the Sisters and Guardian of the Gate). First, because I really, really wanted to know how the whole thing ends and second, because I am friggin' bored to death in my house.

Anyway, I have to say that the ending did not disappoint, at least for me. I was expecting it to be bittersweet as the book description said it would be. A series as tumultuous, as turbulent, as explosive and as much of a roller-coaster ride as that one must have a measure of peace and sadness, both.

I must say, though, in all honesty, that I found the second book, Guardian of the Gate , much more exciting. It probably was because that the book revolved around a journey and this one focused on wrapping everything it.

I'm not complaining. I like my neatly-wrapped packages.

As expected, Lia in this book grows weaker and weaker everyday, though she grows no less needier. She is also faced with the dilemma of which of her man-candies will she choose, with the reappearance of James (who is (view spoiler)), once the prophecy has been taken care of.

Much of this book revolves around Lea and Dimitri searching for the missing ingredients for the ritual in time for Beltane (a Celtic festival, commencing on May 1st or 2nd, accdg. to Merriam-Webster's) such as the fourth Key, the ritual itself, and a stone.

Much of it also revolves around kissing Dimitri (What's new?). Also, (view spoiler).

Who I really feel sorry for in this book is Alice. I see her point when she points out that everyone loves Lia more than they do her. And yes, I also agree that Lia is a bit self-righteous. It would be kind of annoying to have a perfect heroine.

Another person who also deserves to be mentioned is Edmund. I feel that because of the enormity of the book revolves around Lia (and her less than ladylike gallivanting with Dimitri), Edmund is always overlooked. I love Edmund! He's always been there, the ever-supportive sidekick of the supporting cast. And he loves Henry, and I love Henry, too. (If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, I strongly encourage you to read the first two books). :)

There's really not much I can comment on about the technicalities of this book. I guess the reason why I gave the book five stars is because I like how the author finished the story. It seems very natural for it to end the way it did.

All in all, a great ending to a great series. :)

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