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Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donovan
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** spoiler alert ** (I will apologize beforehand for any misspelling, just finishing the book at 3:16 AM but felt compelled to write a quick review, so bare with me)

I usually find myself playing "catch up" with sequels, maybe its just too much time gone by and I find it hard to remember the first book, but there was no forgetting Reasons to Breathe.
If you think RTB was shocking and hard to finish, ( and I say this not because the story was boring, I say this because it was hard to stomach all the torture Emily had to endure) then you will be gasping with every page turner this book as to offer!
I know most people don't like love triangles, and I'm amongst most of them, but sometimes there are books that come along that you just need a good love twist, and you hope to god she ends up with bad boy type.
I was worried that there wouldn't really be an evil villain roll to play in poor Emma's life, until her mother stepped into the picture. I love how this book feels real, and that scares me in some way. This could be a page out of anyone's life, sick and twisted as it seems but we're human, most of us stop to watch a car accident, we're curios by design and this books in a way lets us see the twisted side to life, hopefully though you're not on the other side of the door.

I know we might get a change to see Jonathan in the next book, but there is no love there between them, understand yes, but love no. I don't think they will end up together, for many maaaany reasons.
one being the obvious, he was with her mom for petes sake, that's so Jerry!
two: she's in love with Evan, that's not going to change over night
three:Jonathan sorta killed two ppl, so you know she's gonna end up with Evan, he's clearly the best choice
four:well I don't think it really matters much but the age difference
and finally he was sleeping with her mom!!! I mean that's just something you can't look past

I will admit though they do have better chemistry than her with Evan

But anyway I thought this was a very well written book all around, I never thought it was boring or lacking anything. There was always some form of drama going on in Emma's life and I loved how she was a much stronger character. Even though life came crashing down on her over and over and over again, she still found the strength to smile, but yet there was still apart of her that was shattered and she was struggling with that through out the book until the end.

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