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Slide by Jill Hathaway
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Apr 21, 2012

liked it

This is actually 3.5 stars. The book started out great. It's a really easy read, something that you can read in one sitting for sure. I flew through it and it kept me entertained. I felt pretty okay about all of the characters but I didn't really love anyone, really. I'm not the best with mysteries but I was able to figure this one out, for the most part. I was also sort of trying, so... I don't know if that means it was easy or not. There was one twist that I missed, so that was nice. But things really come together for you pretty easily. The writing was fun. The obsession with the nineties was kinda nice for me, but I was way more into 90s R&B than the 90s rock scene or whatever Pearl Jam is, lol. I liked the dialogue and the interactions between the characters. The only thing is that Vee felt kind of flat for me sometimes. I wish she were a little more... exciting, especially with her abilities. I think she would have been a little more interested in exploring them. And she felt sick A LOT. That was like... anytime something made her uneasy she felt sick. It was kind of one note.

There were a lot of big issues brought up like bulimia, teenage pregnancy, date rape, suicide... just to name a few. They were interesting but it was a lot going on so all of that got kind of glossed over. I felt like none of it really had the emotional impact that it deserved... but it all served the story well as a plot point.

I liked Vee. I thought she was a little behind the eight ball at times but overall she was doing her best. It was nice at the end when she started getting more pro-active about her abilities. I guess that's why this is a series. The other people were okay, nobody particularly memorable except maybe for the douchiness of Scotch. I'm glad there was an explanation for that name. I wish I liked Rollins more. I hope we learn more about the fact that he and Vee are very best friends but he's never told her something so intimate about himself.

I felt like some key things were never explained about the whole murder. It's kind of outrageous but at the same time the ending was sad and mostly believable. Now the required YA love triangle is present but it felt a bit forced and wedged in at the end... and I don't really get the "mystery" at the very very end... you'll see. Not sure why that was necessary.

But I was entertained. I read it quickly. I wanted to see what happened. I enjoyed it. The only thing that really really bothered me was that in the book everyone calls the main character "Vee" but then she signed her name to a note and she wrote it "V". So how does she spell her name? If she spells it like "V" how come they don't use that in the story? They should be says, "Hey, V," instead of "Hey, Vee," if her name is "V"! Or is it "Vee"? Hahahaha, that probably only stood out to me.
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