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Protect and Defend by Vince Flynn
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Apr 21, 2012

really liked it

I liked this. i haven't read many thrillers were Hezbollah and the Iranian government are the antagonists.The novel is a textbook example of what Vince Flynn does best. Multiple characters in multiple settings living out multiple plot lines, all deftly brought together at the end. Rapp, Flynn's series hero, is more beleiveable and more likeable in ths book than he is in others. He is still headstrong, a wild card, and is totally committed to defending his country regardless of the cost. But in this case, he is also willing to listen to other people's plans, to listen to reason, and there are still lines that he resists crossing (he stops short of castrating a man but uses body parts of a cadaver to make people think he has done so).
Flynn's dealing with dialogue, especially within the first 200 pages, is simply terrible; I suspected that the author might have allowed his teenage daughter to write parts of was just that awkward (e.g. Rapp, trying to be clever, refers to a couple of men as 'mongo' and 'loid'...get it?) And Flynn also tries to be 'hip' by having Rapp adapt the old 'Treasure of the Sierra Madres' line..."we don't need no stinkin' badges", which fails miserably. Dialogue between the Iranian villains is heavy-handed and unbelievable, totally destroying what little verisimilitude the passage still possessed. In one passage, he has an Iranian cleric in the middle of a meeting "staring off into space with a crazed smile on his face" while purportedly pondering the evil deeds afoot...just think about that one for a second, folks. Like I said...heavy-handed.

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