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Flashpoint by Geoff Johns
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Apr 21, 2012

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I read this story in a sitting at Barnes and Noble. Perhaps I missed something in the story. I was under the impression that Flashpoint became the continuity excuse for "the New 52." Either I'm stupid, or I was misinformed/mistaken. This was a good story. Wonderful art. Very creative. Fun Flash/DCU stuff from the premiere writer of traditional Superhero comics writing today. So why only three stars? Well, it's a time travel story. I have seen time travel stories done well, but in the end I find them very, VERY frustrating. Why? Because there are no consequences. That's why. most often the solving of the problem means the erasure of whatever has happened during the story, usually with no one impacted or even remembering. Flashpoint ends with no apparent consequences except for Barry Allen gaining memories of an alternate life he'd lead with his parents and Bruce getting a letter form his alternate reality Daddy. Ummm, this is the big event story? No impact whatsoever on the broader universe? Maybe I'm just incredibly blind and stupid (that happens some times) but I can't see anything else. That's why time travel stories are usually lame, and that's why this time travel story (probably told as well as it possibly could be in both art and writing) is okay at best.
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