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Collision Course by S.C. Stephens
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Apr 20, 2012

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Frankly, this book was way less emotional than I thought it'd be. I felt bad for Lucas, what happened to him, what he had to go through, and liked how he managed to overcome it, but that's about it. I think I snickered a few times too. But Lucas cries in it, I didn't reading it (ok, guy, not supposed to, but you get the point).

Why? The entire plot felt a little too contrived. Obviously I don’t have any personal experience, but it was more than a little unbelievable that the entire town would blame Lucas for the accident, blame his drinking, when he insisted that he was sober and had a prior reputation of only having one or two drinks at most. Josh, his dead best friend’s brother, I could understand his anger, but the entire football team, the coach, the teachers, everyone except Sawyer? It’s not fair that everyone just turns on Lucas, unfair and unbelievable. Lucas’s own self-loathing and his messed up head is guilt enough, without the story becoming more about coping with bullying than about coping with loss.

The entire book also seemed a bit too long. I liked watching Lucas struggling to put his life back together, seeing him start out all kinds of messed up, Sawyer being the rock there for him, but does he really need to reconcile with Josh three times? Was Lucas’s mother’s adultery storyline really all that necessary as we follow Lucas’s recovery? Did Mr. Varner’s unexplained meanness really add anything to the plot? There’s nothing wrong with ending the book after graduation as Lucas gradually copes over senior year, but when the climax is over and there’s still a fifth of the book to go, please, dragging out the impact of the moment’s not the way to go. There’s too much filler between the emotional punches.

I liked this book, how it explores how a guy recovers from a deeply personal tragedy, but wasn’t really emotionally invested in the story. There’s a really good story here, but it could’ve been a little deeper and used a little less filler.
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Katy LOL, I snickered reading your review. Maybe you would have liked it more if the girls hadn't hyped it up for you to bring along a box of tissues.

Mitch Well, I aim to entertain. And yeah, I was all ready to feel horribly awful and ... :(

Yolanda I agree with your review completely. I really wanted to love this book but i just couldnt. I found myself skipping pages a lot towards the end. For some reason everytime he had a dream i thought "oh geez not another one" lol...

Mitch Thanks, a couple of girls suggested I read this and we're still arguing over whether the dreams are just in his head or his friends' ghosts visiting him...I think. Yes bit too long.

Yolanda To be honest it would of made more sense if they were ghosts (since they seemed to have a mind of their own) but he made it pretty clear (in my opinion)that they were dreams.

message 6: by Amy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Amy Your review sums it up perfectly!

Mitch Amy wrote: "Your review sums it up perfectly!"


Yolanda wrote: "To be honest it would of made more sense if they were ghosts (since they seemed to have a mind of their own) but he made it pretty clear (in my opinion)that they were dreams."

I'm leaning that way too but while it's pretty clear it's not exactly confirmed. Splitting hairs though.

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