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Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward
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Apr 20, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: vampires, hot
Read from April 16 to 20, 2012

There are many many reviews on this book already so I'll just make mine short and sweet. This book was much better than the last book so I was happy about that but HOLY SHIT was this bad boy long. I think Ward put way to much extra stuff in this story to try and make everyone happy. She spent way too much time on the side stories and allowed the main story for Tohr to just DRAG on. There were parts of the story where I was just like "Oh come the hell on already". There was a megga butt load of sex going on which I don't mind at all, but some other readers found it a bit excessive. I was just annoyed that the sex between the main characters was lacking the connection found in the other books. That gut clenching need for the other person just wasn't there.

With all the extra stories going on I was hoping to get a few good peeks at my favorite brothers but alas that didn't happen. Z only had like three lines, Rhage & V were also given little time, but she spent a whole heap of time on John Matthew/Xhex, Qhuinn/Blay, and the Band of Bastards. The book could have been MUCH shorter and less boring if she just stuck to the heart of the story.

Yes, Tohr was a dick in more scenes than I could count, and No'one was a doormat, but c'mon...

if you just lost the love of your life only 15mos before and just found out that they are trapped in a sort of hell and that they will stay there if you don't move on and love someone else you'd be pretty damn prickly too. But alas, that is no excuse for some of the foul shit that comes outta that male's mouth.

Overall I was pretty pleased with how the book ended, but let me go on record as saying I am not looking forward to the whole Qhuinn/Blay/Layla/Xcor square dance. Q&B I'm just not digging. I don't have a problem with them loving each other but I honestly don't want to read an entire full length book about them. L&X don't interest me because X is the enemy. Why would I want to cultivate an attachement and feelings for them?

Story - 3.5
Narrator - 4

Jim Frangione (probably spelled wrong) gave a solid performance. No he doesn't differentiate his voices between characters (other than Butch) all that much but I can't imagine ANYONE other than him reading to me about those sexy vampire warriors....period.

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