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Enormity by W.G. Marshall
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Apr 20, 2012

it was amazing
I own a copy

Although the back cover text makes it sound like a self-aware satire, the best thing about ENORMITY is that it's actually a fairly serious science-fiction disaster novel about a ridiculous (but apocalyptic) situation. The book mostly plays it straight with the idea of two people -- a schmoe-y military man and a North Korean assassin -- transformed into mile-high giants by an experimental Dark Matter weapon. (They're also toughened up at the atomic level, so as to simply be able to support their own weight.) They've still got normal human motivations, but at 1000x scale they're literally too big to even see ordinary human beings, their skin parasites and athlete's foot have enlarged alongside them into slimy bio-monsters, and the mere proximity of these mountains of warm flesh (despite, in one of the few mercies for humanity, slowed reaction time which causes them to move and perceive the passage of time much slower than normal-sized folk) causes destructive weather patterns and hurricane-force winds which flatten everything their feet don't trample (whether accidentally or intentionally).

Most of the book follows the US military's attempts to deal with the giants, and stop the North Korean giant from destroying America. Can anything stop her, including her American counterpart? Can anything stop them? While there is humor, as well as a tendency by Marshall to use (almost) every possible kind of giant bodily fluid, the book plays this absurd situation fairly straight, allowing the deadpan humor (and the occasional side trips into just plain fantasy) to stand out. I didn't think this giant-people scenario would be so compelling, but there's plenty of delicious imagination food here for anyone who enjoys colorful depictions of mass destruction, as well as entertainingly flawed (and sex-driven) main characters.
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