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Farm to Fork Meat Riot by Niti Bali
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it was amazing

Niti's family story resonated with me because I had similar health issues when I went from college at NC State focusing my studies on biomolecular engineering and biotechnology into the professional world as a chemical engineer. After a few years of struggling mightily on my own, I discovered the amazing healing powers of good, clean nutrition and cannabis.

The real-life story is a vindication of my own experience and adds valuable insight into other people's struggles and recoveries from the medical issues that plague American society.

* Niti's daughter, Meenakshi, died of cancer when she was just a child. Almost all of the other children in her cancer ward at Duke Health who followed the advice of licensed doctors also died shortly after treatment. Sugary candies and snacks were served at the hospital despite the reliable research showing that high-sugar diets inflame cancer and increase chances of cancer growth.
* Most cancer patients are put through a barrage of testing with unclear and imprecise results. During Meenakshi's testing, she was asked to fast and abstain from drinking water for days at a time. Meenakshi was clearly in pain during this testing phase and was not getting any better.
* The family decided to object to doctors' advice that was outwardly making their child less healthy. They eventually took her out of the hospital after five months, but Meenakshi had already suffered extreme injury from her former diet and the chemotherapy protocol and died in 2009 two years after her diagnosis at age two.
* Niti realized that her family was a victim of a lifetime of ingesting poisonous corporate food which results from the massive industrial chemistry project happening at confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and mega-farms.
* They threw out all of the conventional processed foods, cleaning products, and skincare formulations from their home to replace them with nourishing foods from local farms.
* Niti built a website called Farm to Fork Meat Riot as a community supported agriculture (CSA) group and 501(c)3 nonprofit food church to help people get organic and 'beyond organic' food straight from Piedmont farms and North Carolina fishermen.
* She is a passionate proponent of healthy meat which provides vitamins and fats that a vegetarian or vegan diet cannot provide. The human body is designed to digest meat with fruits and vegetables.
* Niti was approached by the 'food police' multiple times as she was setting up a mini distribution center for her meats and produce to CSA members. The inspectors from the USDA, FDA, and NCDA&CS told her she had to throw out much of her meat even though she and her members saw no issues with the meat.
* Niti realized that by providing food only to her membership, she was acting as a private food cooperative that was outside the jurisdiction of the overzealous and counter-productive food regulators. She successfully refused further inspections from the regulators and stood her ground.
* Personal stories of some of her CSA members are also shared in the book, and the CSA continues to grow along with Niti's "The Farmacist" podcast.
* The book includes a forward from Polyface Farm's Joel Salatin, one of the East Coasts' leading farmers and activists using regenerative agricultural methods that maintain bountiful soil full of minerals, keeping the whole ecosystem alive and well.

Hospitals might be more aptly named Death Camps, and most of what common grocery stores and fast food restaurants serve doesn't deserve to be called food. It is merely a poor food substitute. Organic and alt-organic nutrition avoids the pitfalls of foods filled with toxic pesticides and preservatives so that our bodies can use their own natural biological systems to heal and provide strength in times of adversity.

I am building a web platform called Cropify to connect health-conscious consumers with sustainable farms and knowledgeable activists like Niti Bali, whose story was a great inspiration to me to continue my journey to connect more deeply with the vibrantly strong nutrition and health community of North Carolina and Virginia.

My name is Brian G. Schuster. I'm classified by Mark Cuban as a "wantrepreneur" and I hope my review was helpful to you! You can peer into my personal health journey at

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