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Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
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Martin passuello Brian Robeson is a thirteen year old boy who is in a little airplane who is going to visit his dad. His going to visit his dad because their parants got divorced. Before going on the airplane his mom gave him a hatchet. When he got on the airplane the, pilot told him to go on the copilot sit. When they started flying it was very quiet. After a wile the starting farting and then said that his stomach was herding a lot. The the pilot showed brian how to fly and had a heart attack. So Brian had to fly the plain and land on a lake. After the crash he got out of the plane and swam to the shore. Then a lot of bugs started biting him. After the bugs he started thinking when were they going to find him. So then he remembered that when the pilot had a heart attack the plane moved to the right so he had gon miles of cors so he didn't now when they were going to rescue him.

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Martin passuello The next day Brian started looking for berries. When he found the berries, he started eating a lot of them until he noticed that something was watching him. What was watching him was a bear but the bear didn’t do anything to him, so he kept eating and collecting the berries. Then he went back to the refuge before it was night. When he went to sleep’ an animal got in the refuge. When Brian noticed this he threw his hatchet at it but it missed and made a spark against the wall of the refuge. Then Brian kicked it and it had something that had stabbed his leg. Then he knew that the animal was a porcupine but it had already left. He had eight thorns in his leg. When he started taking them out it hurt a lot but he kept doing it until the last one was out. Then he went to sleep. He dreamed about his father and his friend. They were trying to tell him something but he couldn’t understand. When he woke up, he figured it out, it was fire. They were telling him to make a fire. He remembered the spark in the night. So he started trying with a lot of different materials to burn a lot of different materials. At last he was able to do it and went to sleep.

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Martin passuello The next day Brian founded turtle eggs. He ate some but not all. Then he went to the forest and heard an engine and supposed it was an airplane. He ran to the shelter and started a fire to make a signal but when he was finished the plane was already gone. The next day he thought he had to get real food like meat. So he made a spear to try to fish but he didn’t get anything. Then he thought of doing a bow and arrow. But it still didn’t work. He remembered of reflection and that he had to aim lower. When he aimed lower he hit a fish. Then he cooked it and ate it. He kept doing it all day. The next day he went hunting for birds. He thought it was impossible because they would camouflage in the woods. But he thought that he had to look for the shapes not for the color. When he did that he shot it and killed it. He took it to the refuge. Then he pulled the feathers out and cooked it.

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Martin passuello In the next chapter Brian hunted rabbits so that he didn’t have to eat fish and birds everyday. The next day he went to look for food along the shore. Suddenly out of the nothing a moos attack him. The moos hit him once but when he saw that Brian got up he hit him again and that happened once more. After the moos Brian decided to go back to the refuge. When he got there he noticed that a tornado was so he got in and holed very strong. After the tornado everything was blown away. He had to start all over again. When he went out he saw that the planes tail was out of the water. So he did a little boat and started swimming with his hatchet. When he got there he started cutting the planes tail to get in because he didn’t want to get in from the door because the dead pilot was there. When he was half way to finish his hatchet fell to the bottom of the lake. He had to dive and get it back. When he got it he finished cutting and got in. When he was in he saw the dead pilot but it was all eaten by the fish and he realized that he was eating that fish. Then he got focused again and got the emergency packet. When he got out he went to the refuge and opened it. He found thing for fishing, a rifle, food, drinks and a radio do give signals so that they find him. He used the radio and started cooking the food. When the food was finished he saw a plane that landed in the lake. In the plane there was a person that came to rescue him.

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