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Trying to Score by Toni Aleo
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Apr 20, 2012

it was ok
Read in April, 2012

After reading all the good reviews, I was pretty stoked about getting a chance to read this book. I was a bit disappointed.

The book was 422 pages on my ereader, and that's about 200 pages longer than it should have been. It was 200 pages of good story, and 222 pages of beating a horse to death. (that's figuratively, not literally!!!)

Lucas and Fallon meet and fall in love at first sight. Everything's good for two years,then she catches him betraying her and runs away, not to see him again for 7 years. I'm sure if you read the synopsis you can figure out what the "big secret" is that she's been hiding for 7 years. Anyway, he gets traded to the Assassins, a hockey team in Tennessee, where Fallon has a close working relationship with the team. He's still in love with her after all these years, and wants her back.

The part I liked about this book,that earned it the extra star, was Lucas. He was a GOOD guy. There are some really sweet romantic parts in this book. I loved the thing he did with the post it notes, and how committed he was to her and building a family. He never wavered, never stopped saying it, never stopped trying.

The part that made me not want to give it ANY stars was Fallon.She was basically a screeching, self centered harpy. Yes, when she was in college,she caught him in a compromising position with her best friend. I understand how that could damage a person and kill a relationship, but (and this is where the dead dead horse carcass comes in...)she screeches about this on and on throught out the whole book. Her use of the English language deteriorates rapidly every time she gets on a tirade,which is often. About a third of the way through the book, I started to wonder WHY he was so hung up on her. She acted like a 13 year old hormonal teenager through out the entire book. She was not a likable character.

Another thing that bothered me was how ghetto they all sounded in my head during the dialogue. I'm from the south, I use the word ain't a hundred times a day. But in a business setting, I can still speak proper English. Fallon sounded like she was straight out of the trailer park, instead of the disowned heiress who went to Stanford she was supposed to be. It was totally inconsistent with who the author built the characters as, and it made them unbelievable. There were other inconsistencies with the characters as well. A nice white boy from Minnesota who plays hockey wouldn't have a gun tattooed on his hip pointing at his manly bits, and listen to gangster rap turned up so loud the house he's pulling up to at 7am rattles at the age of 28,either. He was a really great, guy, but the details about him made him sound like a punk kid. The book goes on and on about how Fallon has no money and can barely pay her bills and has to live with her sister, but she's constantly wearing designer shoes.

The basic story was good,there were a few really romantic parts in the book,but over all,it was a chore to make myself finish it.
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message 1: by M (new) - rated it 2 stars

M Thank you! That dead horse was beaten into a gluey paste. I actually never could finish Ellie's book as the naive but likable Shea kept putting up with too much ridiculousness, but Lucas and his son helped me drag myself to the finish on this one. I did read the sister's book and liked it better although the heroines all have consistently grating qualities and most of the family members are supremely unlikable in all the books.

Juju I was shocked too that it was so bad. DNF for me....

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah That's how I felt about book 1. The women are immature. The dialogue doesn't match up with the characters or the fact that they're supposed to be "classy" people. I won't read this book then.

message 4: by Dee (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dee My feelings exactly!!

Abby A. I totally agree that Fallon was so annoying. I can understand the mistrust about thinking Lucas cheated on her. But after finding out about his alcohol and pill popping problems plus that he actually didn't cheat on her, she still acted like a whiny selfish child. The fact that Lucas kept taking her back was amazing. His character is the only reason I rated this book an overly generous 2.

Laura Rendler Couldn't agree more Fallon was annoying!

Kristen Johnson Ok I love this entire series. I have read them all but good gosh I still can't stand Fallon. She never redeemed herself in my eyes.

Kristen Johnson By the way my favorite was the one with Audrey and Tate. I just loved him.

message 9: by Emma (new)

Emma Sometimes I m wondering is it because that I m a woman that makes difficult to like/love the woman the man loves! Throughout the whole book I m thinking why Lucas was into fallon?! Such a great man! Such a waste!

message 10: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Lacey Ugh that's what I felt about the first one! It could have been so good but it was so hard to stay focused through the BS. If all of the books are like this then maybe this author is not for me. I purchased the series so I will read the whole thing no matter how long it takes me.

Kristen Johnson I feel that way about a lot of books.

Maribell Lucas and Aidan got me through this book. Fallon was such an insipid, annoying, bitter and ridiculous heroine. All in all, I was thankful when I finally got to the epilogue. 3 stars for Lucas and his son. As for Fallon, she was utterly annoying and doesn't deserve half a star.

Sarah Third book I've read in series and third annoying heroine. It almost feels like the girl just can't get over her issues just to fill up more pages.

Julie Guay-de la ronde yes! you reviewed exactly my thoughts!! I honestly skimmed to the end from the part she agrees to finally give him a go because to me, it was done then.

Stephanie THANK YOU. You said pretty much everything I thought about this book. Fallon's speech was beyond ridiculous and made her sound coarse and highly uneducated (and I've spent plenty of time not only in the south but in Nashville itself). I don't mind an ain't here or there, but her constant double negatives irked me to no end.

My other huge problem with the writing was that the author repeated herself. A sign of good writing is being able to say the same thing in many different ways, but if I had to hear one. more. time how perfect Aiden was, or how he was Fallon's favorite lil' man, or that Fallon was Lucas's 'person' (do people say that? Is that a thing?), I was going to pitch my Kindle across the room. Same damn thing over and over and over.

Seriously, high five for a great review.

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