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The Last Echo by Kimberly Derting
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Apr 20, 2012

it was amazing

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Violet Ambrose is a body finder. She has the ability to find those who have been murdered and their killers by sensing echoes or imprints that are unique with each kill. For many years she has felt like the odd woman out, one who can never be normal, despite the love and support of her family and her best friend turned boyfriend Jay…. that is until she meets Sara Priest.
Sara is a former FBI investigator turned special agent who handles a group of teen misfits, all of whom have special abilities like Gemma who is empathic and feels others’ emotions, Krystal who communicates with the dead in her dreams and Rafe who can see events in the past and future. All have been recruited by Sara to work in solving murder cases.
For the first time Violet feels she belongs… the only problem is Rafe. They have undeniable chemistry that is obvious to everyone especially Jay. But Rafe confuses her: one minute reeling her in, another pushing her away. Violet tries to convince herself that Jay is the only one for her, but her feelings for Rafe are growing in ways even she can’t understand.
In one of their investigations, Violet finds the body of a girl stuffed in a freezer. She is the latest victim of the Girlfriend Collector whose modus is kidnapping and murdering young women before lovingly beautifying them for the police’s discovery. His work is clean, leaving no leads and no clues.
Working non-stop to find the killer, Violet has no idea that the Collector has set his sights on a new victim: Herself.
Since reading The Body Finder and Desires of the Dead last year, I have been excitedly awaiting the release of its third installment, The Last echo.
One thing that hooked me to the series is the romance between Violet and Jay. So sweet and intense, author Kimberly Derting really made me feel attached to the two. And given their history, being childhood best friends and all, I thought that even with Rafe’s character being introduced in Desires of the Dead, that nothing will affect their devotion towards each other.
I was wrong. The Last Echo is a build up of a probable romance between Rafe and Violet. It is pretty surprising how little of Jay is in this book so I was a bit miffed. However the book as a whole is a wonderful read.
This book is much darker and creepier compared to the 1st two books. Written in both the perspectives of Violet and the killer’s, it’s disturbing how unhinged and delusional the psycho was. In a way I was sympathetic since it was explained why he became so warped, yet I couldn’t wrap my mind around his logic. His line of thinking hooked me, reminding me of infamous murderer Ted Bundy. But while Bundy killed out of sadism, the Girlfriend Collector did so out of a need for love.
Well-paced, intense, disturbing, heart wrenching, time freezing and confusing are words I’d use to describe this book in its entirety. I highly suggest you don’t miss out. Read this book.
NOTE: Before reading this, do go through The Body Finder and The Desires of the Dead first. it’s well worth your time.
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