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Breathe by Abbi Glines
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Apr 19, 2012

did not like it

So I read Existence by Abbi Glines and loved it, but then I read Predestined and really didn't like it, so I figured I'd give her writing another try. Unfortunately, I ended up not liking this one either.

This book is about a girl named Sadie who lives with her single, pregnant mom and is forced to take over all the responsibility of the house because her mother acts like a child. So when summer comes and Sadie's mom decides that she's too pregnant to keep her job, Sadie is forced to go in her place because the bills still need to be paid. The job is basically just being a house maid at one of the houses on the private island a little bit away from where she lives. The twist is, that the house belongs to famous teen idol Jax Stone. He begins to show interest and Sadie decides that she wants nothing more than to be with him, but can Sadie survive his world?

Basically, the reason I didn't like this book was because it was just one giant cliche. And I don't mean just the story line (even though it is) but I mean the characters, the plot line, just everything!

First of all, this book basically followed a formula that has been done SO many times, and there was pretty much no deviation from this formula. It was hard to stay interested in this book because it was just so predictable.

Also, I hate picking on writing style, but the way that this book was written sounded like something my younger sister would write. The sentences, I felt, were kind of choppy and the descriptions just didn't flow very well. I also felt that this book lacked description (of characters, setting, and of just the situations). It seemed like there were very few situations that were actually described and then she would just summarize large chunks of time away until the next "interesting" thing happened. I also felt that the dialogue was very forced and stilted and SO cheesy it was ridiculous.

Now on to the characters. Another big cliche was Sadie. She was the typical boring girl with no social life who is unknowingly super beautiful. I don't understand how she made it through 3 years of high school 3 years of middle school and 6 years of elementary school without a single friend. I also can't believe that she spent all that time around people and they never noticed that she was pretty, but then she walks into a pool party with her fellow employee/ first friend ever and she's being hit on by every guy there; it just seemed contradictory. She was also one of the most whiny characters ever. Sure she never complained to the people in her life about what was going on, but she sure as hell thought about all her complaints enough. Jax was just super cheesy. Her mom, I hated, she was literally irresponsible to the point that she was an unbelievable character.

The next big cliche came with the super awkward love triangle that was attempted here with Sadie, Jax, and Marcus. It really had no point, and I never really felt the uncertainty that is supposed to come with a love triangle. And speaking of romance, I had no idea where it come from in this book. I can understand Sadie falling for Jax because he is a famous rock star, but what about him? She's boring, overly dramatic, and they hadn't even talked more than a few words before they are suddenly in love. It came out of nowhere. And the whole "I can't breathe without you" and "you're my air" thing got really old really fast.

I hate putting down a book like this, but I really just couldn't find anything redeeming in this book. It was predictable, overly cheesy, and a little awkward (at least to me).
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