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Kill Shot by Vince Flynn
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Apr 19, 2012

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Dissapointing. I like this type of multi-book spanning, gritty, lonely, super-tough character genre. For example I am a big fan of Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels. I eat them up as they are released . And Vince Flynn has some good previous novels of this type. But this one didn't make it for me. It was I think, too introspective.

IMO a reader of this type of novel only wants to spend a reasonably limited time in the character's self-analyses and continuous self-absorbstions. "Why did I do it, who am I, where am I going", stuff like that. After a while it becomes intrusive to the story. After a while I start an internal dialog like, "Yeah, yeah we've already heard all of that in the last four chapters. We get it! Now get on with the story!"

Tom Clancy, who wrote some great stuff early, falls afoul of this in later novels. In Clancy's case his never-ending personal, political editorials really crash the story. I figure an author might get on pass to overtly editorialize their positions once, then maybe a another pass to sneak it into the dialog of the story once. But anything more and it intrudes and ultimately breaks me completely out of the imagination.

The really good writers slide their personal stuff into the story so well, you never even realize your hearing it. It never intrudes upon the story.
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message 1: by Greg (new)

Greg For me, the perfect review. Joe was inside my head. Love Lee Child, love Harlan Coben. Used to love Tom Clancy. Tried Vince Flynn a couple of times and while OK, never quite knew why his books series didn't quite take hold. In a few sentences, Joe helped me realize why. Perfect. And I'll take a pass, here. thanks

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