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Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward
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Apr 19, 2012

really liked it
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Read in April, 2012

Lover Reborn is the longest of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books to date. I know this because JR Ward posted that stat on Facebook a month or more before the book was released.
Bigger is definitely NOT always better when it comes to books...especially when it comes to smutty vampire romance I was a tiny bit concerned about making it all the way through the almost 600 page installment. However, Lover Reborn actually delivered in a pretty big way.

I found this book - #10 in the series - to be different from any of the others in a couple of other ways, too. First, the content was a lot more serious that any of the past books. Yes, each "brother" has had something to overcome...Mary had cancer, Doc Jane died, Butch had to go through the change, Bella and Xhex were both kidnapped...
But Tohrment lost his WIFE and unborn child. This is drama that packs a punch far more intense that anything the other brothers have gone through.
At least, it did to me.
I honestly can't be SURE that wasn't because I identified so much more with this type of loss - but I really felt like Ward gave it a lot more weight.
Her writing was far more emotional that I've seen it in any of the other books. Her portrayal of Tohr's loss and the feelings that he struggled with were very realistic for me - so much so that I found parts hard to read.
Another way I found Lover Reborn different was the ensemble nature of the story. Looking back through my past reviews of other Brotherhood books I found that I've mentioned that before - but I felt like this one was even MORE about the group as a whole (while still telling Tohr's story as the main plot) than the others have been. I liked that this time. Each alternate point of view tied in to the main story in a way that really contributed to the book as a whole, OR it furthered a story that needed to be kept alive. This may have been the most masterful book in the series thus far - Ward really balanced everything on a knife edge, and managed to get it all right.
Last thing that was different...
The language was SO MUCH LESS CHEESY. I can only recall reading the word "shitkickers" once or twice...same for "true". The brothers actually spoke like adults, instead of preteen wannabe gang bangers. What an improvement!

Lover Reborn needs to be slipped into the top half of my Black Dagger Brotherhood rankings. My memories are forcing me to make a couple of changes, anyway. New list:
#3 (Lover Awakened - Zsadist)
#8 (Lover Mine - John Matthew)
#7 (Lover Avenged - Rehvenge)
#10 (Love Reborn - Tohrment)
#2 (Lover Eternal - Rhage)
#6.5 (Father Mine - Zsadist)
#1 (Dark Lover - Wrath)
#4 (Lover Revealed - Butch)
#5 (Lover Unbound - Vishous)
#6 (Lover Enshrined - Phury)

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