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Journey to Justice by Norman Goldman
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Apr 19, 2012

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I have never listened to Norman Goldman's radio show, but read this book after receiving it as a gift from my brother, who is a big fan of his. The book is broken up into three parts, the first being about Mr. Goldman's childhood and the obstacles he overcame, the second about his love of radio and experience as a lawyer, and the third about his political views. Overall, the book isn't particularly well written, but there's a certain earnestness and an obvious grasp of the issues that makes his lack of masterful prose forgivable. My guess is he's dynamite on the air and that radio is his vehicle of choice for a reason.

The most interesting part of the book by far is the part about politics, and I think he puts forth some really sound ideas and does a great job reminding progressives about the history of our successes. He stresses that, "True American values are diversity, acceptance, tolerance and freedom" and points out the ways in which so-called "conservatives" are hypocritical about their distaste for "big government." Goldman hammers home the fact that you can't claim to be against "big government" while supporting policy after policy that "intrudes on people's individual life choices - their freedom and liberty."

A lot of the things he says are things that leaders of the Democratic Party need to hear or at least be reminded of. Democrats aren't very good at sharp, focused messaging and as a result lose people to the Republican party - even when voting Republican is actually against their own self-interests. Brushing up on what the party stands for and doing a better job of showing their policies as distinct from that of the opposition could do everybody some good and win more elections.

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