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Bad Luck Officer by Suzie Ivy
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Apr 19, 2012

it was amazing
Read in April, 2012

link: Review via Crime Beat.

In the continued adventures of Suzie Ivy, she has now to face the real world police work, and while the challenges are less physical than at the police academy - no more run ten hills because your shoes aren't polished properly - they are nonetheless more complex and often harder to handle.

Now it's time to face the music and handle the problems that had been expected from the start, not the smallest of which is being accepted by a full group of male officers and detectives, most of them younger than Suzie. It's hard to be the rookie when the guys are saying 'you remind me of my mother'.

Instead of fighting against her feminine instincts and donning a mask, as so many career women find the need to do to survive in a male dominated world, Suzie uses her own life experience as a shield. It's a growing experience to share the story of how the little incidents along the way formed her into the person and officer she is now, without having to hide or create a different persona for herself. Culminating of course in a pink pair of handcuffs :)

What struck me as the most interesting was the way Officer Ivy started seeing the town and the people around her with different eyes. It's quite clear that the world that Suzie Ivy the mother lived in and the streets that Officer Ivy patrols, while physically the same, have very little in common. Now drug dealers and thieves lie behind every door, and the worst part is, it's not paranoia.

After a series of arrests and citations involving well known citizens and even acquaintances, after being intimidated by drug dealers living literally just around the corner, and arresting a personal friend for a series of thefts, it's easy to understand how any police officer has to sleep with an eye open.

Bad Luck Officer, and the prequel Bad Luck Cadet, are a true reading joy and anyone with an interest in law enforcement, crime stories, mysteries or real life experiences will enjoy Ivy's heartfelt, sincere and at the same time fun and light approach.

To all police officers out there - thank you for keeping us safe.

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