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My Life Among the Serial Killers by Helen Morrison
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Aug 28, 2008

did not like it

I find the author of this book pretentious, arrogant, and not an engaging writer. The work she presents is interesting, but her theory certainly isn't the ONLY one to explain serial killers, although she presents it as dogma. Also, the lack of appropriate use of DSM in the book is disheartening. Psychiatric terms are thrown about in the most ridiculous, inappropriate way, and the appropriate context of terms like, "borderline" and "schizophrenia" aren't explained, so the average reader has no idea how off base the terms are and what symptoms and disease process they do represent. And as for her description of her inclusive diagnosis center, where she sees if patients have decreased blood flow and then a surgeon does a bypass, it makes it sound like psychiatric and neurologic illness can be cured with a quick nip and tuck. This is an illustration of how she oversimplifies and is grandiose. There was WAY too much self-disclosure. As somebody trying to keep boundries, and modulate transference with a deadly population of patients, she does a great job of giving them all the information they need, and insight into her character, to cause her harm or distress. I just can't recommend this book for either it's content or the author's insight.
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Amaya Thanks for this review. 100% ditto

message 2: by Liam (new)

Liam Henderson I agree with your review. Morrison does not clearly express what her writing means. The psychology is interesting, but not in this book. I appreciate how Morrison was not redundant in her writing, but she was not clear on what she is trying to say. She contradicts herself often, for example she says serial killers are born as killers, while she later says that serial killers are formed in the actual life.

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