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Kill Me If You Can by James Patterson
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Apr 18, 2012

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The book started off well and was well on course for a four star review. Yeah the plot wasn't the strongest ever written and the characters were the cudboard cutouts that appear in most Patterson stand alone thrillers. The incest sub-plot was completely unnecesary but didn't bother me to the extent that it made reading the rest of the story any less enjoyable. But the book was moving along at a nice pace and the plot whilst surreal was a vast improvement on the last piece of Patterson drivvle I read (Private Games).
But then half way through came the big twist. I usually see plot twists coming a mile off but I had to read the big reveal chapter twice just to make sure I'd read it correctly. Now usually I love it when an authour catches me off guard (as it's such an unussual feat) but this time I felt robbed. The big twist completely undermined the first half of the book and then for the second half resulted in me not really caring about the main character.
Now I'm all for a hit man with a conscience (there's certainly no shortage of them in novels) but the hired assassin in this story was just a little too unbelievable for my liking. It was as if the guy had split personalities. I assume the reader was supposed to care about this character but I just really couldn't have cared any less about him. I found myself thinking towards the end that if the girl chooses this guy then she is a shallow little cow with not an ounce of self respect, I won't reveal what she did choose though.
Whilst I still maintain that this was a nice easy enjoyable read it could have been a little more enjoyable just by leaving out the main plot twist. To sum up - not a bad read but never lives up to the potential the synopsis hints at. There is a hint at the end of the book that this story could have a sequel. Please James Patterson, leave it alone, you've got enough mundane series novels on the go as it. Just leave this book as the mediocre stand alone it deserves to be.
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