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Truly, Madly, Deeply, You by Cecilia Robert
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Apr 18, 2012

did not like it
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Read on April 18, 2012

Meh. We never learn anything about Liese or her lifelong best friend Frey other than the following:
Liese is in a deep depression over the loss of her husband and unborn child two years ago.
Frey is determined to bring Liese out of her depression by insisting she realize that he is the perfect romantic partner for her.

Throughout this story, I saw Frey as a major creep and manipulator. Rather than help Liese with her depression, and then approach her about his feelings, Frey decides to romance Liese when she is at her most vulnerable; the one weekend out of the year when she sets aside all other personal responsibilities so that she may mourn what she has lost. In addition Frey insists Liese immediately stop taking her depression meds (wha?) without a thought or care to whether Liese is even taking medication which is able to be stopped abruptly (hint: most are not!)

The only other characters we meet are Ben, a man with whom Liese went on a few dates with months ago, and Carmen, Frey's ex-girlfriend. Rather than being honest with Liese about his feelings, supposed bff Frey allows Liese to believe Ben has been sending her secret love messages (spoiler, it's not Ben, it's Frey.) So when Frey says, "Let's go out" Liese insists on inviting Ben... Frey says Okay but secretly plans on wooing Liese anyway. And when Liese says, "Let's make it a foursome and you invite Carmen" Frey also says Okay, rather than tell Liese that he has already broken up with Carmen. When poor Carmen tries to flirt with psychotic Frey he angrily rebuffs her.

So much of this story was simply not okay. And not well written. And the characters had little to no personality. I definitely don't recommend it.
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