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Love-Shy by Lili Wilkinson
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Apr 17, 2012

it was amazing
Read in April, 2012

Being a love-shy lad myself once upon a time, although neither to same chronic degree nor with the exact symptoms as this novel’s Nick, I related to him. As Ms Wilkinson suggests in her acknowledgements, I just needed a little confidence and that I eventually received from some beautiful young ladies along the way. But for Nick, his love-shyness was potentially life-shyness, and it would take somebody pretty special to lift him out of it and get his love-life underway. That special mentor was Penny Drummond, and she is special with a capital S. She outwardly has confidence to burn, is one of her grade’s ‘movers and shakers’, possesses a full life and habours a determination to win the Pulitzer Prize for journalism with her starting point the school newspaper. Already she was ‘a woman of the world’, extremely knowledgeable, and bossy - riding rough-shod over mere mortals around her – that is, until she commences to ‘stalk’ Nick. Her world then starts to unravel and turn upside down. Wilkinson presents her beautifully, as she does her father, a gay, pink-loving plumbing executive, who nonetheless is the type of dad all fearless young ladies should have.
As with her last YA effort, ‘A Pocketful of Eyes’, the author is all about girl power, and her heroines are poised to shatter glass ceilings. Her books are popular and it’s not hard to see why – not too taxing, written in accessible style for her target audience and I thought this the superior tome of the two I’ve read. I am reliably informed, though, that ‘Pink’ is her best. The person giving me the advice, my daughter, who is also a serious reviewer of books of this ilk, also informs me that I am wrong and ‘Pocketful’ is the better work. It was fun to disagree, giving my opinion as a teacher of the target age-group, she as a writer for the same – almost as much fun as reading the book itself!
The only failing of the book was the cover – although designed to appeal, the young lady that graced it didn’t really seem to fit the main character as described within. It should, shouldn’t it???

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