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Sweethearts by Sara Zarr
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Apr 17, 2012

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The thing about Sara Zarr is that she continues to disappoint me the more I read her stories, yet every time I see one of her books at the library, I immediately grab it, almost fearing that somebody else will take it before me. Why is that so? Well, I have no idea whatsoever. It's like this mysterious force is forcing me to take ahold of one of her books once it's in my sight.

Even though I'm not a big fan of her books, I have to admit that Zarr has this really simple, beautiful writing. She makes it seem so effortless, yet it's always very well thought-out. But her characters are a completely different thing. You've got to understand that Zarr doesn't make her characters like most YA authors do. They are not those that you feel really attached to, that you really like. They are those that you have to try to figure out, the ones that can sometimes make you cry out in frustration. I guess that's a part of why I can't seem to like her books. I just can't connect with the characters.

Now, Sweethearts was actually not bad. I liked it better than Story of a Girl and Once was Lost. The whole idea of the story seemed tolerable and kind of sweet (well, go figure, look at what the title is called, Grace) and some of the characters were actually quite likable.

Notice how I said some, though. Because a couple really bugged me- that is, Cameron and Ethan. I don't know about you, but does your definition of normal mean sleeping in the car of somebody you haven't had contact with for 9 years, or let alone stalking that person by looking throughout her bedroom window? Well apparently, Cameron thinks it's alright to do those things. Not only did I find that extremely weird, I also found it very annoying. Cameron is just a really odd guy and I didn't really understand him. Every time he talked, I just felt a little confused... But wait, obviously, there has to be another annoying character. Ethan, Jenna's boyfriend, is like the ultimate sissy. He seems to try apologize to Jenna whenever possible. It's like everytime he sees Jenna, he obviously has to apologize for something. He also seems to think that talking for Jenna is completely fine. I mean, he can't just volunteer for her to be stage manager without her permission! Oh, the frustration...

Ok, moving on, because I could've of stayed on that subject for a few more paragraphs... Let's talk about the ending. And how it's so similar to the other two endings that I have read by Zarr. Because it was disappointing. Not as bad as the two other endings, I admit, but it could've been better, I think. Zarr seems to make an effort into writing a great beginning, obviously to attract me into reading further into the story, but when it comes to the ending, she just seems to give up. I mean, it was an ending that made sense, but that made no sort of impact on me whatsoever.

I think that even after being disappointed by Sara Zarr once again, I will not stop reading her books, but next time, I'll set my expectations very low.


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