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DarwinPlus by Chas Griffin
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Apr 17, 2012

it was amazing

This book is only available by downloading it as a PDF file. It will cost £3.95 to do this, but is quite simply the most amazing book I have come across to date.

Chas Griffin writes with wry humour and brilliant logic.

His main concern is that, ever since he was a young lad, he has come up against the idea that Materialism is the new dogma in Science. Mention Ghosts, reincarnation, or anything that does not 'fit the framework' that we already have, and people in the scientific community switch off, he claims. he first mentions this happening when his science teacher told him that he was only just a few gallons of water and a pinch of certain different chemicals. This set him thinking. How was it actually that he could sit and think, talk and reason, whereas a large puddle of water could not do this, whatever you threw in?

As an adult, he became a teacher, and was actively involved in teaching children himself - which led to more questions about intelligence and where it came from and how it operates in people.

In 500 pages, Chas sets about unpacking and explaining the nature of the problem - that our own understanding of scientific processes does not answer the question of how life, especially intelligent life, gets to be here.

Now Chas, having learned a good deal about science when at school himself, turns his attention to religions. most of the big ones anyway. he doesn't try to argue in favour of a Creationist sort of God that say, Kent Hovind would have us believe in. For Chas, however, Mind comes before Matter. In saying this, he is more aligned to Buddhism than Christianity.

Although I am a Christian myself, I am not ignorant of how the other faith systems work, and Chas draws out some striking parallels between different religions and shows how they can all be explaining the same basic concepts in words of their own.

So much for religion, but what about Science? How can the idea of people having immortal souls, or being reincarnated into another body be explained? Chas does not go for the idea of god being a personal deity, but rather, there are laws that the Universe runs on, and if we are selfish and cruel, we set up what may be described as an energy field - people like us will be attracted to us as much as we are attracted to them - it also works in reverse, in that the more kind and unselfish we are, the more we seem to get this from others.

So why does evil persist in a world where benevolence is supposed to be in charge of everything?

Chas argues that we all choose the level we want to operate at, and the struggle to improve ourselves goes on for several lifetimes as we rise up the scale of conciousness.

It is a book that covers quite a bit of ground, from Religious and philosophical history to quantum physics and string theory. however, it is extremely well written, but someone who really knows how to explain deep and complex subjects and make it interesting and accessible to the lay reader.

I feel sure that one day, this book will be available on the shelves in hardback - when it is, I want an autographed copy. I would say that I like his humour , and his take on the many that this book touches on. Judge for yourselves.
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