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The Good Girl by Kerry Cohen
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Apr 17, 2012

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My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

The fast-moving plot doesn't allow for extensive character development, which I would have liked to have seen more of, but its pace should appeal to reluctant readers. Although teens will find the subject matter interesting, there are almost too many issues to deal with in a book of this length. Occasionally, the conversations among the teens seem forced, but readers will likely overlook it for a plot that contains plenty of angst and a touch of romance. The book is more of a gateway to the conversation about shoplifting, i.e. emotional problems, not the solution.

Plot summary: Fifteen-year-old Lindsey's life is in shambles. Before the novel even begins, her father's psychiatry practice is closed by a malpractice suit, her older brother is killed in a car crash, and her mother has left for the other side of the country, leaving her ill-equipped father in charge. Lindsey's always been considered the good girl-an outstanding student and a responsible, respectful child, nominated by her principal to serve as the school's sophomore ambassador. With the recent upheaval in her life, she struggles to maintain her spotless reputation. Frustrated with her family and friends, she begins taking money from her father's wallet and shoplifting lip gloss in an effort to be noticed. Her problem begins to spiral out of control when school-wide locker thefts attract the attention of the police.

Lindsey - 15 years-old

Key issues/phrases:shoplifting, divorce, emotional problems, family relations/problems, self-acceptance, grief

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