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Stay by Deb Caletti
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Apr 17, 2012

really liked it

This was one of those books where I found myself giving unsolicited advice to the MC. You know the same way you yell at the person in that stupid "horror" movie when they stop running and go back to take a look!
I feel like the characters were pretty true to life. There are lots of people in relationships with jealous, obsessive, crazy people. I'm sure we've all had a friend in this situation or have been in a similar situation ourselves.

From the outside it's pretty easy to look at the situation and go "Dude... that guy's NUTS! You should run now while you've still got time!" but your friend insists everything's all good. "He just loves me so much! It's fine!" and then one day your friend tells you she's going on a long trip with her family and won't be able to write or call for a while and whatever you do don't tell that guy anything about anything and you're left shaking your head and going "Didn't you watch that movie where this happened to that girl... sometimes movies are right you know!"

Anyway enough rambling. I liked it. I liked the characters, even Christian because man did he creep me right out! Finn was beyond lovable if not a bit too perfect. I wanted him to have some kind of fault but then that would have been predictable so... I guess I can't have everything I want eh! I loved Clara's father. In a movie he'd be played by Peter Gallagher NO DOUBT! The seagull that stalked Cleo was a nice touch and it added some humour to a slightly terrifying scenario. The setting was beautiful and definitely put me at ease even though every other page had me looking out for Mr. StalkerObsessivePants.

The back story that slowly unravels was interesting and added depth to the novel and I loved how Clara was the one telling it. Almost as if it's a warning to watch out for guys (or girls) like Christian and a message of hope that good things do happen even when it seems like an impossibility.

It was a book written in shades of pastels softly weaving across the page with the odd hard red line appearing out of nowhere. It made me want to fall in love, sail across a harbour surrounded by pine covered cliffs and obsessive seagulls. It made me want to eat salt water taffy while sitting beside a weathered lighthouse and cursing myself for buying salt water taffy just because it's what you're supposed to do in seaside towns even though it's gross and hurts my teeth. Awe books! I love when they leave me with a feeling other than "Dammit I shouldn't have bothered!"

"If love wasn't just yours first, it was like cutting up and handing out your birthday cake before blowing out the candles."

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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Espinoza I've been wondering if this is a good one. Can't wait to see your rating/review!

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