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Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley
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Apr 17, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from May 22 to 23, 2012

---ReRead 3/19/13 - 3/21/13. Glad I re read this so close to Tabby and Shy's book.

--Reread 7/21/12 blew my mind.

I'm not sure I can adequately put into words how much I loved this book. My heart is still racing after finishing it. I'll come back to do a better review when my brain has slowed down some.

ETA: 5/25/12
May be spoilers ahead:
So, I've had some time to think some more about this book. For me of the twenty-something books of KA's that I've read, this may be #1 for me. The characters are rock solid and Tack is one of the most complicated and textured characters she's created.
At first, I was convinced he was an ass. An d clearly, so was Tyra and man, she gave him Hell for it and she was sooo good at it. I loved that she did not back down from him one bit. But you gotta understand that the big character development was not Tyra. Although, she grew in her own right, just not in the way that Tack did and the thing is, the change and growth is very subtle. He thinks he is such a hardass and that she will have to change to fit in his world when really, he does adapt to her and it is so sweet. I'd love to find a man that can take a strong woman and recognize her softer parts and appreciate them.

As always, the secondary characters are rich- I loved Tabby and Rush and I cannot wait for Shy and Tabby's story.

5 stars do not even satisfy this book for me.
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Quotes Mandy Liked

Kristen Ashley
“Tack grinned.
"You know," I started, "it's annoying when you grin all know-it-all."
"This isn't my know-it-all grin, Red. This is my I'm gonna get me some later grin."
I felt a couple of quivers that were on the high end of pleasant scale.
Still, I shared. "That's even more annoying."
"Don't know why since me gettin' some means you're gonna get some.”
Kristen Ashley, Motorcycle Man

Kristen Ashley
“Silence then, "Are you smashed?"
"Completely and totally."
"What are you wearing?"
"Who cares?"
"I do."
"'Cause you're smashed, you been with your girls, you somehow got riled up about somethin' and once I settle you down about whatever's aggravating you, I'm gonna rile you up a different way.”
Kristen Ashley, Motorcycle Man
tags: tack, tyra

Kristen Ashley
“We've hit the hot guy motherlode.”
Kristen Ashley, Motorcycle Man

Kristen Ashley
“You have no clue," he whispered.
"No clue about what?" I whispered back.
"What you handed me last night."
I took in a deep breath and asked softly, "What did I hand you, honey?"
"What's lyin' in that bed."
That was when I stopped breathing.
"I claimed it," he went on. "But last night you gave it to me. Gift's given, no takin' it back. You get that, Tyra?"
"I think so," I whispered.
"Get that, baby, it's important.”
Kristen Ashley, Motorcycle Man

Kristen Ashley
“Oh," I whispered.
"Fuck, I'm not even close."
"To what?"
"The heart of you. You run so fuckin' deep, I'll never get there."
"Lookin' forward to a lifetime of diggin', babe."
"Now you're being sweet," I accused, my voice wobbly.
"Used to it yet?"
"You got a lifetime to get there too."
I could take no more.
"Shut up."
"I will, you kiss me."
"Rush and/or Tabby might be here any minute."
"I didn't tell you to go down on me.”
Kristen Ashley, Motorcycle Man

Kristen Ashley
“Darlin' you're the greediest piece of ass I've had in my bed in a long fuckin' time. I got a taste for greedy, you think I'm not gonna take it?”
Kristen Ashley, Motorcycle Man

Kristen Ashley
“I felt his forehead against mine, another swipe of his thumb to wipe the wetness away and I heard him whisper, "Baby, I can't keep up.”
Kristen Ashley, Motorcycle Man
tags: tack, tyra

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05/22/2012 "I'm absolutely giddy!! Tack..." 1 comment
17.0% "Gah... Tack is such an ASS. But I would not kick him out of my bed... ;)"
70.0% "This is one of those books that I don't want to finish." 2 comments
07/21/2012 "reread 7/21/12"

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Rain ~miss kinky knickers~ LOL! I know what that feels like!

message 2: by Fil (new) - rated it 5 stars

Fil Love that you can re-read these books over and over like me. Great Series! Need to start this one up again soon!

Brit I've re read this one a few times and I love it more each time!

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