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The Hidden Gallery by Maryrose Wood
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One word to describe this book: WITTY.

Alright, I am I that dumb to know that I’m actually reading a children’s book? I never realized until my little cousin told me why am I reading a book that has big fonts? Hahaha! Well ACTUALLY, the font’s not that big, it’s just normal…oh well, for practically young aged people. Then I saw the detail and it’s said that its for 12 years and up. AND UP, I REPEAT, AND UP!!!!

To be honest, I don’t freakin care because I did enjoy the book, like I said in my previous review that anything with strange, horrible and mysterious children are allowed to stay in my shelf. So yes, I’m proud in reading this book.

In this book, Miss Lumely and the 3 incorrigible went to London to spend the time while the Ashton place is under reconstruction. There had been a lot of adventures and mishaps that took place and all the secrets unlocked in the end.

So anyway, this book I call it witty because of how Maryrose Wood made it still enjoyable even though some people thinks it wouldn’t. What I love about this book is that it captures the story very well and even though its very predictable, you can still try to manage enjoying the story.

There’s a part 3 of this book, and I’ll still read it!

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