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Highschool of the Dead, Vol. 6 by Daisuke Sato
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Apr 16, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: manga, zombies, apocalyptic

HotD has been a quick moving series -- I mean, it's called Highschool of the Dead but they escaped the high school by the end of the first volume -- so it's surprising to see the characters stick to the same location for more than one volume. But though they were ready to leave the shopping mall at the end of Volume 5, it takes them all of Volume 6 to make it out. But that's okay because this volume is full of zombie-slaughter, including the JSDF proving they aren't out of the game yet, and a mall rampage that's a fair homage to Romero.

On the downside, there are hints that our merry band won't last forever. Takagi clubs Komuro with a clue-by-four about the potential for relationships to screwup the group dynamic, but he remains oblivious of Rei giving Saeko dirty looks. And at the same time, Hirano refuses to yield to circumstances by giving Alice weapons, insisting that the group can protect her. There's a nice interview in the back of the book where the authors discuss how the greatest threat in zombie stories is there heroes' on stupidity, and all signs point to it being the downfall of our group, no matter how competent they've been so far.

Well, you don't read zombie stories for the happy ending.

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