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Las aventuras de Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
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Apr 16, 2012

really liked it
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One of my favourite SH books. This is Conan Doyle at his best - the stories are really imaginative. I'll try to convey my thoghts on every short story in a couple of sentences:

1. A Scandal in Bohemia: just two words - Irene Adler! This is my favourite from the collection, because, c'mon, she's The Woman.

2. The Adventure of the Red-Headed League: something so far-fetched that is unforgettable. I'll always remember the man copying the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

3. A Case of Identity: I was so disappointed at the end - not the explanation about Angel Hosmer, but the lack of trust of Holmes in females at large.

4. The Boscombe Valley Mystery: actually, variations of this plot abound in SH canon. Anyway, I loved SH outside his rooms.

5. The Five Orange Pips: a classic. One of the short stories in which Conan Doyle dips SH in US History.

6. The Man with the Twisted Lip: or another case of identity. The best part is Watson's concern for SH's health.

7. The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle: unbelievable and great. Almost literally a wild goose chase (pun very much intended, thank you).

8. The Adventure of the Speckled Band: another classic. SH is misled by supositions for the first time of his (fictional) life! Only too briefly to count.

9. The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb: this one is kind of gross. But still an entertaining mystery.

10. The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor: if you've read the rest of the stories in order, the ending to this one is no surprise.

11. The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet: honor to the point of absurdity! Yay! (Honestly though, what's a coronet?)

12. The Adventure of the Copper Beeches: this one has elements from many SH stories, even the biggest hound ever. I have to admit to sharing Watson's grief: Violet Hunter would have been a great Mrs. Holmes.

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message 1: by Cristina (new)

Cristina ¡Me das ganas de leer a Mr. Holmes!

Masanobu ¡Ponte a ello! :)

Rubi A really good compilation of stories. I enjoyed it a lot. :)

Masanobu Rubi wrote: "A really good compilation of stories. I enjoyed it a lot. :)"

They are, indeed. :)

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