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it was ok

My new year's resolution for 2020 is to read at least 100 pages a day, or listen to an hour of audio book. And with that resolution comes my decision to step outside of my favorite genre more often and see what the rest of the world loves. So I've begun to listen to some New York Times best sellers.

I liked the book. I didn't stop listening to it. I stayed with it to the end. It had the compelling 'watch the train wreck' suspense that makes me stay with a story. I did not like either of the narrators, but I wasn't supposed to. There was a very nice build up from slight suspicion to outright disdain to serious dislike of them. That part was very well done. It's not easy to create a character that the reader dislikes, but at the same time, cannot walk away from. It was like reading a nasty, juicy scandal story. There was, "I can't believe that I care what happens to these people" combined with "Oh, I really want to know what unbelievable, inexcusable thing he/she is going to do next!"

The cleverness of the clues, and the double bite of them was excellent!

But . . .

I love fantasy, and as an avid fantasy reader, I know how to suspend disbelief. But several times in this tale, I sat shaking my head over things that just were very unlikely to happen in reality.

I hate spoilers, and I can't reveal what made my disbelief loom so large without revealing more of the book than I'd like to. So I will only say, don't read any further if you don't want to be spoiled.

Seriously, stop reading now. Spoilers ahead!

Don't go any farther . . . .

Okay, you are here because you don't care or because you've already read the book. So, a few minor points.

If your income is from teaching part time at a community college and trying to get a new bar off the ground, no credit card company is going to keep sending you offers for new cards, let alone let you get that deep into debt.

Do you know how awkward it is to carry a flat screen TV in a box? Let alone across a back yard to an overgrown shed? And hide all that stuff there without leaving any sign you've been there? No neighbor notices and asks about it?

Do you know any woman who has grown up in New York City who would carry all of her cash in one location? Any grown woman who wouldn't put a twenty in her purse, and the rest of her funds in several other hiding places? How did our clever, scheming, plan-for-a -year heroine suddenly become so short sighted? And who says, "Sure, I'll do something for $50 tonight" without asking ahead of time exactly what she's going to be asked to do?

But most of all, her initial plan to commit suicide . . . no. I couldn't buy that at all.

So, not my cup of tea, but no disrespect to the people who absolutely loved it.

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Kieran Only 2 :-(

message 2: by Abigail (new) - added it

Abigail Contreras Would you say it is advisable? I just finished your book "The ships of magic" and I'm looking for what to read now.

message 3: by Abigail (new) - added it

Abigail Contreras I'm sorry if my comment doesn't make sense but I'm Mexican and I'm not an expert in English

message 4: by Kaitlin (new)

Kaitlin You have written some absolutely detestable characters that you either grow to love or follow to hate and so I truly appreciate your review here

message 5: by Anna (new)

Anna Hi Abigail Contreras, if you already read "Ship of magic", the next book in the series is "The Mad Ship".

The series is called "The Liveship Traders" and proceeds as follows:

1. The Ship of Magic
2. The Mad Ship
3. The Ship of Destiny

Hope this helps 😊

Paul Harmon As Much as I respect and have agreed with your reviews I disagree with your "buts" list none of those things are out of the realm of possibility as you state and I actually speak from some experience. And even if those are true issues for you it seems a bit harsh to make those very few minor things a 2 star review. I loved this book...I love your books...and your reviews I have taken to heart and let guide me on occasion but I really do disagree with you here on some points. But Much love, I still adore your work.

message 7: by Andreas (new) - added it

Andreas @paul, Robin has got a different notion of applying stars. 2* meaning she liked it and didnt stop reading. You might read her profile for an explanation. I guess it would translate to a 3* in my case and probably 4* for many reviewers who throw around 5* reviews every other day

message 8: by Abigail (new) - added it

Abigail Contreras Thanks Anna 💖

message 9: by Boadicea (new)

Boadicea Vincent Thank you Andreas, yes I remember reading something along those lines. Thus Im refreshing my comment.
I didn't enjoy the book so much myself. Finished it. No I didn't buy it. Not my cup of tea either. A very hard less generous 2* in my opinion.

message 10: by Clare Costigan (new)

Clare Costigan Really appreciate your reviews, Robin. I find them incredibly insightful.

message 11: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Read I sometimes find myself wondering do alot of people favour reading books that are say new York times best sellers etc because it's say the follow the crowd or everyone's else is reading it..I find myself thinking there's so many amazing books I wanna read first..I have thoroughly enjoyed your rain wild series and look forward to farseer this year..I am reading the court Ney series by Wilbur Smith which I am on book five and absolutely blown away..yet books like these seem to have very little reviews etc..I only say this as my sister has recently bought gone girl . althought she isn't much if a reader it seemed the go to book for her even tho I recommended so many book of yesterday that are far better yet less fashionable!

message 12: by M (new)

M I had a very similar experience of that book. Glad to know I wasn't alone.

Alfred Haplo This has to be the longest review I've seen written by Hobb in the years I've Follow-ed her reviews. All of it is on point. Characters, credibility, plot, were too shallow but the movie was awesome! Thanks to Pike and Affleck doing an incredible job of the impossible task of eliciting... sympathy? That isn't the right word, but I didn't hate them at the end.

message 14: by Paul (new) - rated it 5 stars

Paul Harmon Andreas wrote: "@paul, Robin has got a different notion of applying stars. 2* meaning she liked it and didnt stop reading. You might read her profile for an explanation. I guess it would translate to a 3* in my ca..."

Actually I remember reading her style of star rating but I was more referring to the section in spoilers of reasons she didnt like than the actual rating itself. And I was just throwing in my .02 but everyone is allowed their own ideas so I wasnt like upset or anything. Thanks though for reaching out.

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