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Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher
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Apr 16, 2012

really liked it

I made the mistake of picking up this book for light reading. There was no dust jacket, but on the back of the hardcover, which had the above cover actually printed on it, there were critic reviews, and one recommended it for lovers of John Green books. There was no summary, so I thought maybe it was a cute love story that doesn't work out.

So as I was reading, I was thinking, "Eh, this is okay." That's the kind of response I wanted, anyway. I wanted a White tea book, and the mysteriousness of Sage's home life kept it interesting.

Then, SURPRISE. Sage is a boy. So much for a light love story. Whoops!

(No, that isn't a spoiler. I checked. That is in the B&N overview as well.)

Katcher does an excellent job at capturing the complicated nature of being a transgendered person as well as being a friend/boyfriend of a transgendered boy. I don't think it would have worked if Logan and Sage were both girls, but Logan wanted to be a boy.

It was a difficult read, mostly because of Katcher's excellence. As you work through Logan and Sage's relationship, you fight with the thought of Sage being a boy. You want her to be a girl, and you have a hard time thinking of her as a boy. It makes you feel weird and twisted inside. Just like Logan does.

I know that gender and sex don't mean the same thing, but I've never had to encounter that before in real life, only when watching Rent, and Angel is accepted by her group of friends, so its not really an issue in that movie.

But it's a huge issue in this book, and that's the brilliance of it. When the climax and ending come, you're like "NO! BE A GIRL, SAGE, BE A GIRL!" But she can't be, and you realize that she's going to fight with that for the rest of her life.

It's a sobering moment, and it makes you think twice about the people around you.
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