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really liked it
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This was another enjoyable instalment in the Wheel of Time series. It was an improvement on The Fires of Heaven, but did not reach the heights of The Shadow Rising( the best WoT book so far ).

It though Jordan did OK when it came to advancing the plot in this instalment. Not a ton happened, but it felt like a lot of stuff got set into motion. This meant a lot of focus on politics and scheming, but I've always been happy enough with such story arcs.

The characters proved a mixed bag:

Rand: I though the guy was the star of this instalment. I liked him a lot. He has really grown into the role of Dragon Reborn and does not baulk at the responsibilities or expectations. His dithering over his harem of women bounces between being amusing and annoying, but luckily was mostly amusing in this one.

Perrin: I was happy he was back in the mix. Well, I was to start with. What is it with Rand's friends turning into asses the moment they get near him? We finally met Faile's family. They were as disturbing and crazy as you might expect given how she turned out.

Mat: This was a good book for Mat. I still find him a bit whiny and annoying at times, but getting away from Rand and leading the Band of the Red Hand is helping him grow as a character.

Egwene: Her best book so far. Like Mat she is beginning to show real maturity and positive growth. Her story arc was a little unbelievable and sudden, but it should be fun to see where it goes.

Nynaeve: WTF has happened to the tough, brave, kick-ass Nynaeve of the first four books? She has totally morphed into a cringing, annoying, comedy character. And that is despite her still managing to do some pretty cool stuff! Jordan has totally ruined her character:(

Elayne: Still stuck at the hip to Nynaeve, but she at least has fared better.

Aviendha: She had a quiet book. At this stage she is little more than a romantic interest for Rand, and one that Jordan has on the back burner.

Min: She had another good outing. I liked that she finally got to spend some time with Rand.

The Aes Sedai: We got a whole batch of Aes Sedai POV's which I actually enjoyed. It definitely enhanced the story.

The Forsaken: They are crazy and evil, but always fun to follow. It was great to meet the likes of Demondred and Semirhage in this one. Plus the introduction of the villainous Shadar Haroth was cool.

All in all I found this to be an engaging and enjoyable read despite a few of the flaws I've just moaned about:)

Rating: 4 stars.

Audio Note: Another fantastic performance from Krammer and Reading.
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April 21, 2012 – Shelved as: fantasy
June 1, 2016 – Started Reading
June 3, 2016 –
8.0% "The gigantic prologue was packed full of awesome happenings. Hopefully the story will keep up this pace the whole way through."
June 5, 2016 –
17.0% "“He touched me horse!” the man snapped in a Mindean accent, shaking off Mat’s hand. Mindeans boasted—boasted!—that they had the worst tempers of anyone in Murandy. “I’ll break his skinny peasant neck for him! I’ll wring his scrawny—!”\n Without another word Mat brought the butt of his spear up hard, straight between the fellow’s legs. The Murandian’s mouth opened, but no sound came out.\n \n LOL."
June 6, 2016 –
28.0% "He swayed, head light, muscles watery. An echo of confusion and unease rang from Lews Therin.\n “What did you do?” he demanded. In a fury, he seized saidin. The strength of it helped hold him upright. “What did you do?”\n \n That was a bit shocking! Even crazy old Lews is worried!"
June 8, 2016 –
38.0% "She shoved her chin up in a ridiculous fashion, so she had to look down her nose to see Elayne. “ ‘Aes Sedai rule their fear,’ ” she said in tones that might have done for berating a drunken layabout who had staggered into your horse, “ ‘they do not allow it to rule them."\n Elayne’s cheeks heated. She had not looked anything like that. And she certainly had not sounded like that.\n \n Ahahaha!"
June 10, 2016 –
44.0% ""Women do not become exhausted, they only exhaust others."\n \n I almost bust a gut laughing when Elder Haman uttered this. He would have been wise to keep that thought to himself:) The whole meeting with Rand was a hilarious one."
June 13, 2016 –
50.0% "I'm quite amused that the Aiel love Berelain. The stuff with the Forsaken is making for interesting reading as well. Just what are they plotting?"
June 17, 2016 –
62.0% "That was an awful chapter for Morgase. Jordan is practically destroying both her and Nynaeve in this instalment which is quite disappointing!"
June 23, 2016 –
70.0% "“Mat,” Egwene said in a level tone. He did not stop. “Mat, stop cutting the fool. You are in quite a predicament, but I should be able to get you out of it, if you listen to reason.”\n \n Poor Mat. Softened up by a kick from Nynaeve and then manipulated by Egwene and Elayne. He lost the upper hand so quickly!"
June 29, 2016 –
100.0% "Things are really heating up in the WoT world. This was another decent instalment."
June 30, 2016 – Finished Reading

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Elisa M. "They are crazy and evil, but always fun to follow. " I agree! They're so... cabaret at times.

Gavin Elisa wrote: ""They're so... cabaret at times."

I guess they are:) I'm glad you enjoyed this book and I definitely think getting a few of those scenes focusing on the bickering Forsaken made WoT even more fun.

Stefan Bach I get chills whenever I hear that flute or clarinet, just before Michael or Kate start narrating... :D Can't wait to get back to this world later this year. :D Man, rereads will be the end of me. :D
Great review, Gavin!

Gavin Stefan Bach wrote: "I get chills whenever I hear that flute or clarinet, just before Michael or Kate start narrating... :D Can't wait to get back to this world later this year. :D Man, rereads will be the end of me. :..."

Thanks, Stefan:) I do think Kramer and Reading did a fantastic job with the audios for the WoT series.

I just reread the whole WoT series in 2016 (it actually spilled over into 2017 at the one a month pace I was reading them at) and loved it. I first read WoT in my teens and have to say it held up well on my reread and I might even have enjoyed it more the second time around.

Best of luck with your own WoT reread! I've no big fantasy series on my horizon for 2018 but I do want to squeeze in a few more Malazan books as well as getting to a reread of David Gemmell's Troy trilogy and Kel Kade's King's Dark Tidings series. Who knows? I may even try to read a few fantasy books I've not read before but no promises as I've definitely been caught up in reread fever as well!

Stefan Bach Thanks man! Hmm, I'm looking forward seeing what your impressions will be of Gemmell's Troy and as for Kel Kade - I have that series on my list for months, and something always comes up before it.

Gavin I read the Troy series around publication date and loved it. It finally got an audio release at the start of the year so it seems a perfect time to reread. I'm hoping it holds up well as I've not read a lot of Gemmell in the last decade!

I'm not sure how you will feel about Kel Kade's books. Free the Darkness is adventure/action fantasy with a light tone plenty of humor and even a tiny hint of romance. It has a slightly YA feel to it and definitely lacks the depth to the world-building that you will find with a series like WoT but as a single character focused story it is a lot of fun. It is fantasy but reads a lot like superhero fiction. I loved it a lot but can see why those who want more grimdark fantasy or deep Sanderson/Jordan level of world-building in their less grimdark fantasy might not be satisfied. Still, knowing what to expect going in always helps:)

Stefan Bach Ah, awesome, I didn't know what to expect from Kel Kade's books, so these information are indeed helpful. I haven't read a single review for it, not even the blurb, but you know, how will I know if I'd like it or not if I don't read it? That's kinda my philosophy. :D

Gavin Stefan Bach wrote: "I haven't read a single review for it, not even the blurb, but you know, how will I know if I'd like it or not if I don't read it? That's kinda my philosophy. :D ."

That is also my philosophy but I tend to want to know what sort of book I'm getting in advance of starting just so I pick it up when I'm in the right mood for that type of story:) I tend to be fairly easy to please and like a bit of everything from grimdark to light YA fantasy but getting one type of book when I was expecting another always seems to catch me off guard.

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