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A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Apr 15, 2012

really liked it

Meredith is niece to the queen of the unseelie fey. Always the weakest, too much a lesser fey and too human to be full sidhe. After her father was assassinated and her consort leaves her, her life is more in danger than ever and having no strong power, decides to disappear. She moves to Los Angeles and lives as a detective until one day a case lands at her door that leaves her right back to the queen herself and the mercy of the unseelie court. Kind of. Aunt Andais does not want to kill her, her insane cousin Cel still does of corse, but the queen offers Merry the possibility of the throne. She will name Meredith co-heir, along with Cel. The first to produce a child in the span of 3 years will get the throne.

She may not want the throne, but she can't lie to herself. She misses the fey. And she values her life. Unfortunately, it also paints a great big target on her back for Cel, for his supporters, and for anyone who does not want human pollution and weaker blood. So she must take sidhe guards and lovers in a race to be queen.

This is my absolute favorite LKH book series. I started with Anita Blake, and like Anita, Merry is stubborn, independent and a strange mix of strong and weak. Being a typical LKH book at the height of her popularity, it's quite graphic. Not as much as her Anita series, at least not this book. There is more plot and story and it made up for it. As I read it, I look back and wonder at the intelligence of reading it when I was younger and more impressionable. Probably not a recommended read when your...ahem...less experience. Lol!

Each of her guard has their own personality. Frost's vulnerability, Galen's sweetness, Rys' humor, Nicca's innocence, and Doyle. Doyle, the queens Darkness. Reverse harem at its best. Doyle sagged my heart from the very beginning, but that's just me. There's something to be said for strong, silent, and powerful.

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