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Got Your Number by Stephanie Bond
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Apr 15, 2012

it was ok
Read on April 15, 2012

Out of all of the books I've read by Ms Bond, "Got Your Number" has the least likable characters than any of her other books.

One cousin is jilted at the alter and that would be Angora (?) the other cousin Roxann is a woman on a mission. A mission to save battered women and their children from husbands that have not lost their visiting privileges. Although they are from the same family they are as dissimilar as salt water and chocolate milk. Angora from a life of privilege and Roxann from a life where her mother couldn't bother to see her after she got her divorce from Roxann's father.

Roxznn decides to leave town for a little while because a policeman is trying to get her to tell him where one of her "clents" is hiding out. She leaves town to go to her cousins wedding and one angora is jilted at the alter Roxann and Angora decide to revisit their college for its homecoming weekend. Things go very much down-hill and they are soon implicated in a murder of a man they both had desired back in there college days.

Since this is one of Ms Bonds early works, and the author has yet to find her style that we've all come to love, I am finding the characters (all of them) to be less than sympathetic and much less humor than any of her later novels. The usual plot that tends to have girlfriends on shaky ground, come to appreciate each other is just not ringing true in this book.
What little romance there is just doesn't come off as believable for me; but I can see from this attempt that this book may be the one in which the romantic aspect is the one she (ms Bond) will use for all her other books. It is just that later books the technique is refined and not so 'slap-in-your-face-ish'

I would save my cash and buy one of Ms Bond's later works. They are more refined and a lot more interesting.

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