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Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link
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Mar 18, 2007

it was amazing
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Read in July, 2009

Reading Kelly Link makes me wonder why anyone else ever tries to write anything. Honestly.

I mean, I'm sorry to have to say this to all the people who write short stories and everything, but "Stone Animals" is the absolute very best short story that has ever been written. Oh, wait, except for "Lull"; that is actually the very best short story that has ever been written ever. I can't decide, but anyway, the rest of the writing world should just give it up, nothing can top this book.

Honestly I can't even do a real review of Magic for Beginners, or any Kelly Link. I love it and her too much, and there's nothing I can say that doesn't sound shoddy and trite and silly. So bah, I won't try.

But if you haven't read this book, there is a huge sad gaping hole in your life that you don't even know about.
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message 1: by tee (new) - rated it 5 stars

tee You've read a-berloody-lot of books haven't you. I'm just browsing goodreads and almost every book I've been interested in reading, you've read. Go, go Oriana!

Oriana Haha, I swear Chai, you are too nice to me. But holy fuck, read Kelly Link. She is just stunning. I forget if you have a stomach for, um, fantastical realism? (I may have just made that term up.) But if so, she is the freaking tops.

message 3: by tee (new) - rated it 5 stars

tee Fantastical realism, hrm, like Murakami? Toatlly up my alley, if so.

message 4: by tee (new) - rated it 5 stars

tee Hah, how bizarre. I just looked up a book that I read in my childhood "Midnight Blue" by Pauline Fisk - I used to love it SO much. Anyway, I was reading the reviews and someone commented with, "This is the first Pauline Fisk book I was given as a child and I have remained hooked by her wonderful brand of fantastic-realism ever since."

Never heard of the term fantastic(al)-realism, but now know how to explain one of my favourite (genres?) of books. So there you go, I think I'm going to absolutely love Kelly Link because I LURVED anything like "Midnight Blue" as a kid and nothing's changed.

Oriana Oh that is so damn cool! I've never heard of Pauline Fisk, should I read her now or would it be too late since I'm old?

I've also heard the genre referred to as "new-wave fabulism," which srsly smacks of pretension bordering on silliness to me.

message 6: by MJ (new) - rated it 4 stars

MJ Nicholls "Pretty Monsters" has been eyeing me for ages. I'm not too keen on fantastical stories or the fantasy genre. But I can be converted.

Oriana MJ, I say go for it, she's spectacular. Her stories are way more "fantastical" than "fantasy", and some of them aren't even that. Just purely wonderful writing.

message 8: by MJ (new) - rated it 4 stars

MJ Nicholls OK, sold!

Robin How do you do it, Oriana? I've got a stack of To-Read books that is so tall I have to pole vault over it to get into bed, and now this! Another must-read!

Oriana Sorry / you're welcome!! : )

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