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The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict by Trenton Lee Stewart
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Apr 14, 2012

it was amazing

Nine-year old Nicholas Benedict is a force to be reckoned with. Coming to Child's End, or the Manor, opens up a whole new world for Nicholas. Of course there are "The Spiders" to deal with and the rules to follow and the chores to do, but there are also one or two friendships to be made and a real mystery to be solved. Somewhere in the Manor is the lost inheritance of the late Mrs. Rothchild - it is said to be a vast treasure and Nicholas is sure he will be able to find it. He knows if he can see the ledger he will be able to find the clues and he knows that with the assistance of all the books he can reach in the library he can learn what he needs to find the treasure and leave the orphanage behind.

The description of his love for reading is one of my favorites. "Oh, how he read! He seemed to read faster with every book and he was reading books by the dozens. He has long since finished the encyclopedia and moved on to books about physics and mathematics, engines and mechanics, chemistry and biology. The sciences compelled him most, but everything interested him and he followed his whims from shelf to shelf. Last night, for instance he had read a book of nonsense poetry (which tickled his fancy) as well as a hisotry of scientific exploration (which inspired him) before diving into a three-volume atlas of the world. When at last he'd ordered himself to bed his mind was so aglow with new ideas and new knowledge, he almost expected beams of light to shine from his eyes."

Nicholas learns much from the Manor's library, but he also comes to understand who he will be when he grows up - well maybe not who he will be, but how he will be and how he will treat all others in the world.

The Extraordinary Education fo Nicholas Benedict may be the best to the Mysterious Benedict Society books yet. Read it and see what you think! Enjoy.
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