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Drive by Daniel H. Pink
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Apr 14, 2012

really liked it
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Read in April, 2012

Fascinating read on Motivation. While geared mostly toward a business setting, there was a lot that could be applied to all aspects of life and many careers. At the end, the author even provides useful steps to take to reach Motivation 3.0. (as he calls it)

In the past, people have been led to believe that motivation is simply a matter of reward and punishment, IF you do this THEN you get that. (Motivation 2.0) The author summarizes research that proves otherwise. The research actually shows that people are less happy and less inspired when only motivated by external rewards. Activities that people previously found enjoyable became "work" when an external reward was attached. He says that their is a higher, internal motivation. (Motivation 3.0) This is when we are working more toward a purpose or for a cause.

As a teacher, the ideas of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is very familiar. In college it was drilled into our brains that intrinsic motivation was better, but classes typically did not provide ideas for helping that motivation grow. Instead, we were provided with more extrinsic ways of getting results.

While I was reading this book I felt the truth of it. I see it in how my first graders respond to things and my own responses to things. Because I'm such a reader, I have a fondness for learning. None of that came from school. I did well in school but never really liked it. School was a necessary evil to get a grade so I could get into college. A prime example of Motivation 2.0.

Interestingly enough, I just read "The Book Whisperer" on helping children learn to love reading and the author of that book could be a poster-child for Motivation 3.0. It was very interesting reading them back-to-back and comparing what I learned.

This book left me with a lot to think about and I'm sure I'll be reading/skimming it again soon. (Unfortunately it was already overdue at the library, so I had to take it back for now. Oops.) I came away with a lot of strategies I could apply in my classroom and in my own life. Very fascinating. Would especially recommend to anyone who is in a leadership position.

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