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Biennial 2008 - book 2 of 2 by curator: George Davis
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it was amazing
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Recommended for: everyone over 1 inch tall

What can I say? I'm in this, it's lovingly made by Encyclopedia Destructica.. I'll write more when I've scrutinized it thoroughly. Bless 'em.

& now I've "scrutinized it thoroughly." Bless 'Em again. "Lavish production" is overused as a positive description, but, here goes: LAVISH PRODUCTION. Sometimes (often) I'm disgusted by the vicious competetiveness & shallowness of the art world, by the pseudo-standards, &, ESPECIALLY, the Emperor's New Clothes. But most of the artists represented here just seem to be sincerely trying to do SOMETHING w/ their talent(s) (rather than just trying to 'advance their careers') & it was thoroughly enjoyable to see samples of their work & read their generally unpretentious explanations.

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message 1: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Watkins So do you have films in this? If so what're they like? If that's a legit question.

Tentatively, Convenience Yep. My movie entitled: "Subtitles (16mm<- brains version)" made from 1980-82 to 2005-08. It's 11:58 long. Basically an elaborate movie of mine was shown to 2 research volunteers whose brains were fMRI scanned during the screening. Furthermore, I interviewed the brain researcher who helped. In the resultant movie that pulls these sources together, my original movie is shown on the left, relevant excerpts from the interview are shown on the right, & the fMRI data is interspersed in various ways throughout.

message 3: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Watkins Verrry interesting. Sounds like such a project could go on forever. Does anything show up on the scans that somehow relates to the film?

Tentatively, Convenience In a sense, the project has gone on forever. I started it in 1980 & at least 13 versions of "Subtitles" have been made since. One of them is for 8 simultaneous side-by-side projections.

message 5: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Watkins I just meant you could then take this version and show it to two more volunteers, and so on...

Tentatively, Convenience Yeah.. & it's tempting to go that way.. It's precisely that sortof of thinking that's led to their being so many versions in the 1st place. Actually, though, having access to the fMRI research was pretty limited. The (presumably multi-billion dollar) institution where the research was being conducted sd they'd allow it but only if I never mentioned the institution's name - they didn't want their reputation sullied. The researcher was also advised to not use their real name so they became "Pig Pen" for the purposes of the movie. Oddly, though, I had ANOTHER offer from ANOTHER brain researcher to continue. Who'd'uh'thunk it?!

message 7: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Watkins Jeez, you should try to team up with David Lynch. I attended a talk he gave a few years ago (on his experience with Transcendental Meditation) which included a couple brain researchers who showed images of brains during TM. It was actually kinda dull, but I imagine it could be interesting if twisted in the right directions.

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