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You Are My Only by Beth Kephart
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Apr 13, 2012

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** spoiler alert ** Emmy Rane went up stairs to get a blanket from the closet, and when she went back outside her baby was gone, all that was left was a yellow sock, all she wants in her baby back. Fourteen years later Sophie and her mom are always running away from the "No Goods", Shopies mom doesnt let her go outside, she is kept inside doing school work. But one day when her mom is at work Sophie breaks the rules and goes outside and meets Joey Rudd, they become good friends and everytime her mom goes off the work she is at their house. Joey lives with his 2 aunts and they treat Shopie like family. But they dont know how strict Sophies mom is. But something about Joeys family makes Sophie look into her past and what she finds changes her life forever. Down in the basment are boxes of her mom's "personals" and Sophie is not to look in them, but she also breaks that rule. Inside is a book that her mom wrote and it says the sky was blue and is was so easy. There is also a news paper clipping about an infant stolen in the middle of day light. Also inside the box is a single yellow sock...Sophie's real mom is Emmy Rane and Sophie was stolen in the middle of daylight. She rushes over to the Rudds and tells them everything, Sophies mom is taken to jail and is brought back to her real mom. She will never know why her "mom" took her but she is safe, and finally Emmy Rane has her baby back.

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