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Mind Your Manners by Peggy Parish
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Apr 13, 2012

really liked it

This book is SO OLD!
"How old is it?"
It's so old that the illustrations show a telephone with not only a cord, but a dial!
Still, this is a clean-cut how-to-be-polite book for children.
I wish she would create an new one for internet and cellphone etiquette.

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message 1: by Doug (new)

Doug Bradshaw Well aren't you the prolific reviewer today.

Brenda Cregor Hey, it was Friday.
I had my collection of children's books in front of me, and it was RAINING!
It was inevitable.

Brenda Cregor Just wait until summer! This is not even 1/4 of my collection.

message 4: by Doug (new)

Doug Bradshaw My daughter is using my condo said it is really raining in Del Mar. Bre, feel free to use it for a getaway.

Brenda Cregor Doug, you are too TOO generous!
Unfortunately for me, my love of recreation has recently been superseded by my total INDIGNATION at the current cost of gasoline!
I know this may shock you...but, I tend to have a flare for the dramatic and the outlandish.
The last time I took a three hour road trip, when I stopped to fill up, I began preaching during the fill up...yes, out loud, "Why? Why are we paying these gas prices? Well, I am not going to fill up EVER again!"
Lately, I just talk reasonably with the people filling up next to me.
But, I REFUSE to fill up.
I want to start a REVOLUTION: " I REFUSE TO FILL UP!"
We need "town criers" in every city and state in the Union.
Every time we put gas in our cars, we need to yell out, "Why are we allowing this?"
It truly is the American public allowing this.
Enough ranting.
So, I cannot go far. :0)

Brenda Cregor Ooh...I just saw the book this comment is under.
Peggy Parish would be HORRIFIED by my naughty manners.

message 7: by Doug (new)

Doug Bradshaw Bre wrote: "Ooh...I just saw the book this comment is under.
Peggy Parish would be HORRIFIED by my naughty manners."

Actually, I think higher prices will force some good things to happen. I have a business friend who is doing thousands of conversions to compressed gas tanks. Crazy how compressed gas is only 1/3 of the price of gasoline and the emissions are better. Maybe you could borrow a scooter and head down on side roads. I don't want to see you on a scooter on the freeway doing 45 mph. Or, check out the trains and buses. There's a train station not far away in Solana Beach. But, I know what you mean. Every time I fill up it's in the $75 plus range. Poof!! There went that money.

Brenda Cregor Compressed gas tanks? What kind of news is this? Is your friend selling franchises?
Where do you buy compressed gas?
Liquid gas?
So fascinating!
My friend's husband added something to his truck, so he could use old frying oil to save on gas.
The exhaust fumes made me think of bad Chinese food.
He is not into the process anymore, since he had to go and find restaurant oil sources and this took time...and more gas.

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