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Off the Chain by Candice Dow
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Apr 13, 2012

it was amazing
Recommended for: everyone

Instead of actually writing a review Im just going to answer the reading group questions because that is basically the book review.

1)Do you think the average unemployed college graduate would have taken Thorne up on his offer?
I think that the average unemployed college graduate wouldn't have taken Thorne's offer because they would feel like they spent all those years in college for nothing. I think they may have used it as a last resort but there is no way someone would have came to them with that offer and they would have jumped on that boat.

2) What were the pros and cons of London's job?
The pros of London's job would be she got to do a incredible amount of traveling and she got the money she wanted to support her lifestyle of spending money and shopping. The cons of London's job was that she was selling herself for money and was missing out on real relationships. In the process of that she was missing out on what life is really about.

3) What did Thorne see in London that made her a prime candidate?
She was emotionless but had a mind to know what she wanted. Deep down she knew what she wanted and her mom couldn't deter her from that. She was a person who was going to do what they wanted regardless of what others thought.

4) What is your opinion about Thorne's advice that if a woman is not in a committed relationship, she shouldn't offer her services for free?
I think that is true. You shouldn't just be giving yourself away to any and everyone. Then you don't have anything left when you want to settle down. A guy can get it from anyone and won't remember the females name if they aren't in a committed relationship.

5) Did London trust Thorne too much?
I think London did trust Thorne too much. She pretty much got to involved with him and got too involved. Instead of think with her head she was thinking with her heart and whats in between her legs. That's what can happen and cause things to go from 0 to 60 in a blink of a eye.

6) When would have been an optimal time for London to get out of the game?
She could have gotten out when Clyde and her were in Australia. That was when she felt like she wanted to have a serious relationship. She should have left the game then before everything hit the fan.

7) Was London a wise businesswoman? What were her strengths and weaknesses?
London was a wise businesswoman. She was strong in decision making and knowing exactly what she wanted. Her weakness was falling for her boss, Thorne.

8) Did London's relationship with her mother affect her choices in life?
London's relationship with her mother affected her choices. If she had of been closer maybe she wouldn't have been searching for something in all the men she slept with. A girl needs her mother but she also needs a father. For her not to have a father figure in her life she looked for it in all the men she slept with. She wanted that love that she missed out on.

9) Were there similarities between London and her mother?
London and her mother were both addicted to money. They had a spending habit and they loved to shop. They knew what they wanted out of life and that's exactly what they did. London wanted money and to see the world and be a vet. London's mom wanted to work her life away at a complany as a C.E.O.

10) What statement did London's calling her mother in her time of trouble make?
London showed that she would always need her mommy no matter what. That is true. No matter what you and your mom goes through you will always need her.

11) Is it likely that London could ever have a successful relationship after spending so many years in the profession?
Yes and no. She will likely have problems believing that someone is there because they love her and not just paying for companionship.

12) Do you think she really cared for Clyde? Did he care for her?
Yes I think she did like Clyde. He Did Care for her as well. Even when she went into protective custody she risked everything to be with him.

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