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The Kingdom by Amanda Stevens
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Apr 13, 2012

it was amazing

I think that it is quite possible that I enjoyed this book, The Kingdom, more than the first in the series The Restorer. There was something about The Kingdom, how it twisted back on itself and answered those hanging questions from book one that had confounded me.

Amelia Grey has been called to Asher Falls to complete a graveyard restoration. Thornhill Cemetery is actually the second cemetery in Asher Falls, after the first Thornhill had been flooded out leaving the markers, statuary and coffins at the bottom of what is now a lake.

The moment Amelia steps off the ferry, she knows something is different; she can feel it deep down in her soul. Asher Falls is talking to her and she does not know why the town’s ghosts are reaching out to her.

Amelia has been able to see spirits since she was a young child, but living by her father’s rules, she has learned not to interact with them. Not to let them in. This time, this town, things are different - the veil between their world and hers is thinner. They are reaching out to her in a way that she has not been prepared for.

What is it about Asher Falls that is so different? Maybe if she can go back home, to Rosehill, the place she calls home she can talk to her father and have him, once and for all, explain to her the circumstances of her adoption. What really happened to her as an infant? Most importantly, what does he know about Asher Falls and Thornhill Cemetery?

Caught in the grasp of a place and its people, Amelia finds herself fighting for the truth and at the same time fighting for her life. There is something about this place and the strange women that inhabit this town.

In Asher Falls, Evil is a real entity. It is capitalized, as if it is a person - a looming being. A person that walks down the street like any other inhabitant of a small town. This is not a place where she can stay, she has to get home and back to Devlin, the police detective from the first book, even with his own very physical ghosts, she needs to be with him, no matter what the cost.
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