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Rosebush by Michele Jaffe
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Apr 13, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in April, 2012

This book was fantastically well thought out.
At the first time I set eyes on it the cover drew me to read the back. After finding out what I was getting myself into I just had to read it. It was so gripping that I read it none-stop. Even when it was two in the morning I couldn't put it down.

(beware - may contain spoilers)

I always thought that the killer was Ollie, but even though he was partly in the blame it was completely obvious who it was, yet not. When I found out who it was it was only by the time Langley was jabbing a syringe at Jane that I had figured it out.

Although, there were some things in the book that I hadn't enjoyed, I still give it five stars. It was too good to be rated differently. And the fact that everyone in the book seemed so secretive and distant made it all the more interesting. I mean, for all we knew it could've been Loretta, or even more impossibly, Annie. THAT'S how well thought out it was.

Ollie was quite an obvious finger-pointing choice of mine and when he was dragged out of that hospital ward, I chose that maybe the plot wasn't that good, after all. But when Jane was left ALONE - and yes, she was actually left alone, after all that had happened - with her killer, it all became clear.

Langley, was a psycho. That's right, I said it, she was a killer. She freakin' killed her mother, her grandfather Poppo was her Dad, she used Ollie and she chose to murder her best friend. Well, ATEMPTED to murder her, at least.

Overall I give this book a fantastic rating and recommend it to mature audiences that enjoy a good Thriller.
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message 1: by Em (new) - rated it 2 stars

Em I do agree that I liked how it literally could have been ANYONE. I trusted no one in this book. I thought Ollie was a little too obvious, though. I do admit there were times when Loretta gave me vibes, because I swear she was trying to MAKE everyone believe Jane was insane, including Jane herself. I wondered about Annie a little, too. I didn't think she did it, but she was such a strange child that I thought something might be up with her. I still don't know how I feel about the ending, though.. I don't know.. My biggest guess was that it was Kate, lol, because she had a crush on Jane. But all the characters were so effed up in some way that anyone could have been a psycho.

Josephine Yeah, I totally agree with you. The characters were VERY effed up in some way or another. And, OhMyGod, that's so true about Kate. Since, like, Jane completely ditched her when Kate had a crush on her and Jane kinda led her on. So it would make sense that Kate would want to get back at her somehow. But, at the very end when the killer was already announced, Langley was most probably the most reasonable person to have been the killer; there was much too much evidence against her.

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