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Prized by Caragh M. O'Brien
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Apr 12, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: not-a-vampire-book, triangle, upset-ending

** spoiler alert ** Okay, I loved this book. I loved the uniqueness and danger of this world. It depressed me, yes, but I was captivated. I kept wondering what would happen next.At first, I kept putting off to read this book, and by the time I forced myself to read it, I was more than a little fuzzy with what had happened in the first book. But I got the sad gist of it. Nonetheless, some things bothered me: SHE DOES NOT MARRY LEON!!!! Don't get me wrong, I'm a feminist, and I don't think she should be all goo at his feet from his first 'I love you', but can she at least say it back? It annoys me that they didn't get that whole romance bit over with now. Because as far as I can see, this whole Leon+Gaia delay is going to cause the next book (and I'm sure there will be a next book) to be all about (once again) the deterioration of their relationship by Peter and Leadership. Everything she ended up with at the end are just wedges to keep Leon and Gaea apart, and this makes me angry. Why should they be kept apart? Why prolong that mess? Why not soothe that over, get them committed- Make Gaea forget Peter, for pity's sake- and let the reader have that romance as the one constant positive thing? I mean, they could even turn into a comedy relief! But, no, I sadly know that this series is not the type to have fluffy pieces. No foreseeable laughter. Doom and Gloom Only. But I signed up for that, I suppose, when I found out it was a Dystopian novel. But I can dream, can't I?
I liked Will more than Peter, but I thought both Chardo's were weird. I couldn't get a fix on their age, even when I found it out. Peter I thought to be, like, 40 in the beginning, 20 in the middle, 24 in the soccer game, and 14-15 when he was kissing her and until the end.
Will just felt like a consistent 50-64 year old. His courting Gaea always freaked me out, and I was close to flabbergasted when I found out he was 23 (was it 24, 22?). He acts old. Too old.
I loved the Addies! They were great! My comedy relief, Yay! Mx. Josephine was a breath of fresh air in that moody and temperamental environment.
I liked how Gaea stood up for her beliefs and followed through with them. I thought it was cool that she let herself play with her emotions. She was not shy to express herself, and did not turn away from love- even with everything she's been through.
The midwife stuff made me feel like I was learning something. It felt good.

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