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Midnight Pearls by Debbie Viguié
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Apr 12, 2012

liked it
Read in April, 2012 — I own a copy

SPOIL ALLERT: I spoil the ending in my review!!

I really liked the book, until the last 3 chapters.

In the end everyone decides to marry a stranger they had met within a week and, in Pearl's case, had haunting nightmares about her whole life???

James quickly turns out to be shallow and a blind idiot and unapologetic to his best, truest friend.

Faye appears to be no more than a complete foolish irrational teen head over heels for someone because of his looks. Her only saving quality was that she rescued James from drowning. I did not sympathize with her at all.

Kale wants to marry Pearl because of a childhood betrothal and the idea of her, not because he really knows her. He doesn't consider the person she's become and the life experiences she's had, assuming she is the same person she was at age 4. Though I sympathize with Kale and how he sacrifices an incredible amount for Pearl all his life,(though making a deal with the sea witch was for his love and concern of Faye and not so much Pearl), I don't buy his comment to Pearl that she must not really be in love with James because she hesitated to admit it to him.

Most of all I do not buy that Pearl was really so much so suddenly in love with Kale to be happiest marrying him and giving up her best friend, the man she had loved for years. Nor do I think it appropriate for her to marry him just because she felt sorry for him. Rather, Pearl appears to be very much in love with James right until the last pages when her love appears to have evaporated, which is what is so confusing.(Maybe it's because the James the author convinced us to love gave her up so easily and shallowly when foolishly "misplacing" his love on another whom he thought was Pearl in the first place. Still I was 100% prepared to forgive him when he got the sense knocked back into him, except he never did).

Also in the last chapters of the book there was a lot of corn (Finneas' reaction/message to the mob) and silly quick resolutions (Pearl defeating the sea witch, resolving all the love triangles in an instant). I felt dissatisfied when the book ended. Maybe this is meant for teenagers.

I know some of my words sound harsh, but I really liked reading it. There were certain aspects I really enjoyed. It was a fast read. I am interested to read other books by this author and see how they compare, because I do enjoy fairy tales so it's worth the risk.
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Kristine Maite Suarez i kinda agree with the things you said about the characters.the ending wasn't really what i've been expecting for.though,really,it was a good read.. :)

message 1: by Janice (new)

Janice Agreed, my least favorite part was the ending and how they all married strangers!

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