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Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier
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Apr 12, 2012

really liked it

*****spoiler alert*******

This was a great book. The only problem with it is that the male protagonist is the typical jerk with a sensitive side that the heroine can't help falling for, despite what she keeps trying to convince herself.

Ruby Red was a book about Gwenyth, a 16 year old girl whose family has a "time-traveler gene." The x gene is dependent on what day you were born. Her perfect cousin, Charlotte, is supposed to have the gene, but Gwen's mother bribed her midwife to change Gwen's birthday on her birth certificate to make it look like she couldn't possibly have said gene. But, when she suddenly gets transported to the 1800's, Charlotte and her Aunt, Glenda, are furious with Gwen's mother, Grace, and accuse her of lying. Insert secret society of time-travelers here. When she meets her time-traveling counterpart, super hot Gideon, they travel back to the past and meet Gwen's great great grandmother. Sadly, she set them up and they end up hiding in a church from a few old-fashioned gunmen. No surprise to me, they start making out in said church and then come back to the future. They kiss again. The end

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