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The Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron
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Apr 12, 2012

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bookshelves: a-kind-of-magic, loanage, world-fantasy, hijinks
Read from April 12 to 16, 2012

Call it three and a half stars, because this really is very good. Savvy and snappy (and brief - egad!), the writing practically oozes confidence, which makes it delightfully easy to slip into this romp. I thought I was well on my way to a new authorial crush.

But then it got decidedly less rompy and a lot more... well, there was an enormous swordsman with six feet of magical sword fighting a mouthy braggart with another magical sword (and things were being split asunder by cataclysmic sword blows) while our beautiful blond lunatic of a villain unleashed amazing special effects. I realised I'd walked into a narrative rendition of anime. And I was a little disappointed. Now the characters were interacting more, but their banter was of the anime school that sidebars or footnotes the story, rather than advancing it (which particularly bothers me when said story should be going on while they're quipping, but gets paused). And when, later on, things got a bit goopy, I was having some unpleasant flashbacks to the more disturbing moments in my anime-watching career.

Which is entirely my problem, I admit, but I will say this: possibly your level of enjoyment of this book may be linked to how much you like anime. There are elements that leapt out at me as being common in that form of media, and they weren't particularly things I enjoy. (Why I don't like anime, or because I don't like anime? Chicken? Egg?)

That completely aside, I think there's good and bad here. Eli's an enjoyable character (though maybe a little glib?) who grabbed me immediately, and the first third of the book is pretty much solid splendid. But I found things sagged a little in the middle, and the finale felt somewhat stilted. I really would have liked a little more complexity.

But I - it has been noted - am a picky bitch. It's a good book.

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51.0% "The author likes anime? Gosh, really? (Jury still out on whether this is good or bad.)"

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