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The Magic School Bus Explores the Senses by Joanna Cole
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Apr 12, 2012

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I read The Magic School Bus Explores the Senses by Joanna Cole
SUMMARY: This book focused on the 5 different senses and how we process the world around us using all the different senses and our brain. The bus takes a trip through Ms. Frizzles taste buds, and even a dogs nose. This book has so much information that kids can learn about all the different senses and why each one is important. It teaches that that each sense has a different job and even the scientific names of all the parts that contribute to smelling, seeing, feeling, hearing, and tasting.
CRITIQUE: This book followed all the literary guidelines. It has a plot and was very informational at the same time. The plot of this book would be considered a reoccurring plot because somewhat of the same thing happens in all of the Magic School Bus books so the kids know what to expect when starting to read it. The point of view is very clear that is it through the students point of view. That is relatable to students because when they are reading this book themselves they can step into the characters shoes, which makes these characters very identifiable. The voice of the story is very informal and it is a fun approach to a book packed with information. The language of the text is skillfully crafted. Some of the scientific words might be too complex for young readers, but the majority of the text is simple for them to understand and very descriptive. The illustrations are very vivid and match the text perfectly. There are pictures everywhere with labels and descriptions of everything that is going on in the scene. There are also sub pictures which further explain something that is in the big picture of the page. The pictures and text fit very well together and compliment each other. There is text bubbles for when each character is speaking and there are many arrows and lines to clearly identify with where the story is going.
RESPONSE: I love this series of books, my favorite part is that they are so interactive and relatable. I will no doubt have these a part of my classroom. These books are fun and easy to read and very informational at the same time. When children read these they will learn great facts while reading a funny story from a kids point of view. Many of the kids wish they had a teacher like Ms. Frizzle and now they can with the combination of theTV shows and these books. These books focus on things like nature, the human body, and even dinosaurs. So every child can find a Magic School Bus book that they are interested in.

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