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Fear by Michael  Grant
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Apr 12, 2012

it was amazing
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K so this review isn't nearly as long as I need it to be. I have now formed somewhat coherent thoughts on it, so here goes it;


This is probably my favorite book series in the world. This book was fantastic I milked this book as long as I could because I dread the year of waiting for Light to come out. I only managed 3 days of milking time... Fear (Gone, #5) by Michael Grant


Let's take a look at my 10 spoiler reactions;
1) Remember that it was originally titled DARKNESS.
Whatever, nobody cares. Fear fits just as well as Darkness, if not better because it's more abstract and just spot on. The amount of Fear in this book surpasses that of the previous 4 by far.

2) At one point Sam will rub Diana's tummy.
Awkward Turtleeee!!!!!!

3) Astrid-haters will love her by the end.
I didn't. I never hated her at all. In Lies she started to annoy me, but it was whatever. In Fear she was ok, but slightly more annoying than in Lies. And was it just me, or did she treat Edilio like a puppy? When they were walking with the frames or whatever, it said she smiled and the turned away "so Edilio wouldn't see it and be embarrassed". And earlier she said the word irony and then said she was worried she'd embarrassed him by using a word he didn't understand. Just... ugh...

4) There's a surprising "coming out.
I'm saving this one for last. I suggest you do the same.

I'm having kind of a hard time remembering my reaction to this. I think I blacked out for a bit. Or maybe I died for a minute... Yeah I think i died. I remember flailing and laughing like a psychopath. I remember flipping madly through pages and re-reading every. single. page. That had Edilio or Roger's name on it. Twice. I might have buried my face in a pillow and screamed from the fan-girl asphyxiation. I'm pretty sure I didn't form a single rational thought after that for about two hours. I don't even remember all of the shit I posted on the internet about it.

Edilio. Holy shit.

So at first when I really thought about the part where Rogilio is confirmed, I didn't like it. It seemed rushed. And the couple seemed kind of random. But the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. I mean there's no doubt in my mind that Michael didn't decide to do this until AT LEAST between Lies and Plague. Maybe he didn't even decide to do it until after Plague was published. But it still makes sense. As far as Edilio being gay, there's just absolutely nothing that makes it not make sense. At all. Rogilio itself works too. Roger and Edilio are both just really sweet and both of them have stepped up in the FAYZ, if in different ways. Being the guy who trains kids to fire machine guns is kind of different than being the community nurse and adopting a five-year-old. But still, the general idea stands. And of course that scene would be rushed. Like Edilio said, he keeps his personal life personal, he's not going to spend ridiculous amounts of time discussing it with Sam, or anybody for that matter.

But really, when I read that... Just... I can't... holy shit. This is officially on my list of "Top 3 Epic Character Moments of All Time". And I think the other two are probably from Gone too.

5)... A heart will be broken.
So i think this was Dekka. Yeah it wasn't some significant change in the whole Brekka thing. If anything she's better off now than she was in Plague. She has SOME hope that it'll still happen, and she and Brianna are one good terms. Overall that scene was just badass, though. So awkward and emotional and personal. Ah, character moments. Gotta love em'.

6) You will learn why Sam and not Caine
NO! Just no! I'm sorry, but that part was weak. I wasn't really excited to find out why anyway though, so it didn't bother me too much. I actually didn't like any of the parts that took place on the outside except for the first few pages and Mary and Francis' deaths. It kind of ruined the wow factor of the barrier going clear for me.

7) There is a huge betrayal.
Ok, I'm going to take this opportunity to talk about Penny's character in general, because that ho is f*cked. The thing with her being jealous because Daddy took nude pictures of her sisters instead of her was brilliant and disturbing at the same time. And then the whole broken legs thing just added onto her insanity. And we get this. The fact that she can use the power of ILLUSION to KILL people is just... brilliant... and horrifying.... and brilliant... and sick... and brilliant.
As far as her betrayal goes... oh my god. Somehow the crown that she stapled to Caine's head was more f*cked up than the cement thing. Just the fact that something as simple as making a tin-foil crown- something that would normally be innocent and harmless, just a "ha, you look silly!" kind of thing- is made violent and disturbing by the fact that she STAPLED it to his head. It's like a gouging a puppy's eyes out.Creepy.

8) Someone will lose their virginity.
Oh, God, Astrid, you should have said at least ONE word to him first. ONE. That is ALL I would have asked of you. And Sam, how the hell do you know it's not some psycho-bitch? Just... Whatever. The part where Edilio called them out on it just COMPLETELY makes it worth is. TOTALLY.

9) Someone we know will die.
Aw, Howard... I felt kind of sad, but honestly I'd hoped it would be more intense. I felt much sadder about it when I remembered the time he cried in Lies. When I remembered that I almost cried. But when it actually happened... meh. And i kind of expected it to be someone more... significant? I don't know. I mean Howard is a main character, but he's kind of been fading into the background lately..

10) A scene so dark and anguished my editors wanted me to tone it down. (Of course I didn't. How long have you known me?) Um... Which one? Cigar and Taylor were the most disturbing to me. Diana's birth is confirmed to be what Michael was talking about here, but... I see it, but I don't, you know? I mean it was dark and anguished I guess. It just wasn't gory at all or anything. But yeah... As usual, this book is more disturbing than the last.
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